Amazing Amla

2 minute read
2 minute read

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a common ingredient in Ayurveda. This versatile food is a great source of Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium. Including Amla in your diet regularly provides several benefits

1. Amla is a source of antioxidants. It reduces the effects of free radicals and combats the ageing process

2. Amla juice mixed with ginger and honey soothes a sore throat

3. Amla reduces the risk of heart disease by boosting good cholesterol or HDL

4. Amla is a diuretic and helps detox your body

5. Amla increases metabolic activity which means you burn calories faster

6. Amla assists in insulin absorption — which means lower blood sugar levels

7. Amla aids the entire digestive process

8. Amla prevents mouth ulcers which are caused by the deficiency of Vit. C

9. Amla purifies the blood, increases hemoglobin and RBC’s

Amla is a wonderful fruit. Its medical benefits, combined with its versatility, make it a great addition to one’s diet.

Ogestern is a delicious, all-natural product containing Amla and other ingredients. It is a

1. Natural Energizer — Keeps you active all the day

2. Prevents anemia

3. Improves health and immunity from disease

While the addition of super-foods like Amla help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, they are not a cure for ailments. If you experience symptoms of a serious medical condition it is best to seek immediate help from a doctor.

LiveRight is a platform that makes Ayurveda work for you. Connect with a competent doctor who will clarify your doubts

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