Prevent Kidney Diseases

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2 minute read

An estimated 20 million Indians are believed to have kidney disease, with thousands more potentially at risk for developing kidney problems. Kidney damage doesn’t usually happen overnight. It is a steady process that occurs over several years as a result of poor lifestyle preferences and inappropriate management of various conditions like diabetes.

As a study observed, the more harmful habits you have, the worse it gets. Researchers found that test subjects with 3 to 4 bad habits dubbed “unhealthy lifestyle behaviors,” grew their risk of developing chronic kidney disease by 300% compared to people who had no bad habits.

1: High Salt Consumption

When salt intake is more than normal, Kidneys require working harder to excrete the extra salt. This can lead to limited kidney functioning, causing water retention in the body. Water retention can affect normal blood pressure and increase the risk of developing kidney disease.

[bs_well size=”md”]WHO recommends a maximum 5 grams salt a day. More than 5 grams is harmful to kidneys as well as overall health. 1 teaspoon of salt is about 6 grams.[/bs_well]

2: Insufficient water intake

Functionally of Kidneys depends on the sufficient movement of water to work accurately. Proper hydration is necessary to help the kidneys to flush out the toxins from our body.

3: Usage of Analgesics

Most of us have the habit of using painkillers to during pain and fever. But this can damage different body organs, including the kidneys.

Over the counter medicine like aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen are all dangerous for your kidneys if taken without medical supervision. Several antibiotics can also be dangerous if you have weak kidneys.

4: Holding Urine

Avoiding urinating for long period can actually be very harmful to health and body. Not only holding urine lead to discomfort and infections, it increases pressure on the kidneys, which may lead to renal failure.

Over time, this can actually lead to incontinence as well as kidney stones and other forms of kidney damage.

5: Alcohol

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and an excess level in the body can cause your organs to be insufficient hydration and hamper kidney performance. Alcohol is also a cause of liver disease, which in turn interferes with the regulation of blood flow to the kidneys, which lead to kidney damage.

Kidney diseases can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda explains lifestyles that helps to keep all the vital organs healthy.

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