Taking care of your hair this summer

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3 minute read

Sweltering temperatures are on the rise, and we are looking for ways to protect ourselves from heat strokes and hot flashes. In the meantime, shielding our hair from the hot sun is equally important.

Do you know?

The hair is one of the fastest growing cells in our body, albeit a sensitive one as well. It is prone to damage when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Here are some simple tricks that will help you protect your hair this summer.

Cover all the way:

Always cover your hair with a light-coloured scarf or dupatta before stepping out in the sun. Exposing your hair to hotter temperatures will lead to dryness of scalp, dirt buildup, dandruff and so on. At the same time, oily hair can cause dirt and dust to stick leading to host of related problems such as scalp damage, dull and greasy hair.

Regular washing:

Increase the number of hair washes in a week to clear off the dirt and dust buildup. It also helps to get rid of the sweat accumulation. However, use a shampoo that does not turn your scalp dry. Instead of a chemical laden shampoo, use herbal alternatives that will wipe off the problem, not your scalp.

Drying your hair:

Avoid using blow-dryers this summer to dry your hair. It is better to air-dry your tresses naturally. The hot air from the dryer will damage your roots and will dry up your hair’s natural moisture. In case, the blow-dryer has to be used, then use it after an hour of washing your hair. This gives time for the hair cuticle to close thereby making it less susceptible to damage. Additionally, keep away from heating tools like hair straighteners and curlers and avoid frizziness.

Brushing techniques:

Most of us think it is a good practice to sift a comb through damp hair to remove knots. In reality, it is not so. Sifting through wet hair will cause your hair to break up. It is best to remove knots while in the shower or gently with your hands. Alternatively, a wide-toothed comb will also help you remove tangles and knots.

Oil regularly:

Before every hair washes, pre-condition your hair for at least 30minutes to one hour with light hair oil. This pre-conditioning will help in retaining the moisture of your scalp and away from itchiness. Habitually oiling your hair will strengthen its roots and follicles also stimulates growth.

Trim and style your hair:

Trim your hair regularly once in every two months to get rid of split ends and damaged cuticles. Avoid using elastic rubber bands and other accessories that keep your hair tight. This tightness will not only break your hair but will also give a massive headache. Additionally, it causes knots that will be quite painful to remove.

Night care:

Night care is the most ignored step when it comes to summer hair care regimen. The rustling of hair on the pillows can lead to hair root rupture. Avoid tying your hair into tight buns or ponytails. Use a soft band or scarf to tie your hair. In case, you like sleeping with your hair open, use a silk scarf to keep the hair in place. Apply some oil at your hair ends to lock the moisture and avoid split ends.

Nutrition and hydration:

Being well hydrated and taking a well-balanced diet plays a vital role in maintaining your hair’s health. A balanced diet containing all the nutrients is a must for healthy hair. In case, you are experiencing heavy hair loss, seek medical attention and rectify the problem.

These simple steps will save your hair from this scorching summer and help you maintain those gorgeous looking tresses.

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