What is a baby massage and Why it is important?

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Touch is the first language you use to communicate with your baby. Massaging is a lovely way for you to express your care and love for your little ones. Nurturing touch and regular massages will improve cognitive performance and increased alertness and attentiveness in your child. It will soothe your baby and help them to have a sound sleep needed for growth.

Baby massage is a gentle, rhythmic process that involves a specific set of techniques designed to stimulate baby’s body and also manipulate their ankles, wrist and fingers by gliding smoothly with your fingers.

It will improve the production of good hormone – Oxytocin, responsible for the warm and loving feeling, both in you and your baby. Moreover, it is a very special time in your bonding; you can whisper, hum or sing to your baby while you are massaging, but it is imperative to maintain your eye contact.

Fostering touch and consistent massage schedule shows 50% more eye contact and three times more likely to have overall positive expressions than those kids who do not.

Benefits of Baby massage:

1. Social, physical and mental development.

2. Very crucial for development in premature babies.

3. Helps in attaining proper milestones.

4. Induces deep sleep.

5. Aids in digestion and relieves colic pain.

6. Calmer response to stress and pain.

7. Excellent communication and learning skill development.

Giving a regular massage to your little one brightens your mood and helps you feel empowered as a parent.

What is the best time to massage your baby?

Try to pick a time in between the feeds, so your baby is neither hungry or full. The right time to massage your baby is when they are awake and settled. A gentle massage (moisturizer or dry) before bedtime might help your baby to calm down and ready for sleep.

How do you prepare your baby for massage?

1. Comfortable, undisturbed and clean room for you and your baby.

2. Avoid mobile phones, gadgets or any other person.

3. The room should be warm around 24 degrees C.

4. Lay your baby on a towel or folded sheet and make sure they are comfortable.

5. The needed essentials like baby massage oil, towel, clothes to cover afterward, nappy kit.

Ensure that you have all these things before you start your baby massage.

How should you massage your baby?

Look at our guide below and use these techniques to get the full benefits of the massage

1. The warm little amount of oil in your hands and rub it in your palms.

2. Very gently rub it in your baby’s body starting from the leg.

3. Work your way up the legs by lightly squeezing the calves and thighs.

4. Chest and tummy – gently place your arms flat on the body and massage towards the sides.

5. Hands – concentrate more on the wrist and fingers.

Reading your baby’s cues is the most crucial part of the massage. Your baby will tell when you need to end the massage which stroke he likes or dislike with their expressions or cry.

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