Healthy mental development of children

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3 minute read

Mental development is one of the primary perquisites for a healthy human being. It starts right from birth, and as time goes, mental health develops as per the child’s temperament. Mental development begins with a simple reaction to stimuli and grows a complex stage by stage.

Observing the physical growth of a child is possible, but it is not viable to monitor the mental growth

Mental development includes abilities such as attending, perceiving, observing, remembering, imagining, thinking, problem-solving, intelligence, and language. These abilities are never on the same scale and have their decline and growth that varies according to the individual.

Healthy mental development is vital for children to be shaped as better adults. As parents, we play a crucial role in shaping their mentality.

Promoting mental health happens in these two phases:

1.By the things we say and do along with creating an optimal environment at home.

2.Knowing the early signs of mental health problems and their solutions.

How to promote proper mental development at home?

Building strong and caring relationships:

Children and young adolescents need to cultivate strong relationships with family and friends. A simple action of spending together some time at the dinner table every day will foster better relationships. Make it a family tradition of playing together every day or undertaking physical activities together, and so on. It will encourage the kids to be open about their problems and the challenges faced by them.

Shaping a child’s mental health includes the role of parents or other family members as they help them develop resilience. Moreover, they also become a person, a child confides when in need of help. In the meantime, children should also be taught how to face and solve problems.

Create a safe and positive environment:

The mental health of kids is also influenced by external factors such as Television, social media, gaming, and so on. Parents should take the adequate precaution of monitoring the kid’s activities and be mindful of the content they watch on Tv, Internet, and other media. They should also be aware of the child’s internet presence.

Developing a child’s self-esteem:

A child’s self-esteem is crucial for healthy mental development. It encourages them to explore their potential and be confident. Here, are some pointers that help in developing a sense of self-esteem in children:

1.Teach them about the boundaries that they need to enforce with relatives and their friends.

2.Shower love and acceptance.

3.Body shaming is an absolute taboo when fostering self-esteem in children.

4.Parents should teach children to be proud of their achievements no matter its size.

5.Praising and acknowledging even their smallest efforts is a great incentive that triggers them to excel.

6.Ask and learn from time to time their interests and activities

7.Help them set achievable goals.

8.Listen and respect their feelings. Avoid sarcastic remarks that sadden and discourage the child

9.Encourage them to share their feelings of anger or sadness.

10.Foster a friendly connection and keeping the communication flowing by asking them what is that they feel.

11.Help your child to find a person to whom they can freely converse if they don’t feel comfortable talking to you.

12.Teach the kids to be calm in the face of problems. Stimulate them to find a solution to the problem by asking questions.

13.Never impose your decision on the children. Let them find their own way of solving the problem.

These are some of the ways through which parents can promote healthy mental development in kids and young adults.

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