Understanding Immunity and how it works?

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Understanding Immunity
2 minute read

Vyadikshamatvam nam vyadibala viroditvam vyadiutpadapratibhandatvam


The concept of Immunity is well explained in the above-given verses, where the word Vyadhi means diseases, and Kshamatvam means disease-fighting ability. The entire sloka describes how our body reacts to the intrusion of an unwanted antigen (bacteria or virus). This sloka also explains the concept of the immune system and how immunity works in the human body.

[tds_note]    A strong immune system is our primary defense against all infections.[/tds_note]

Immunity- Meaning

When our body encounters an anti-gen, be it bacteria or virus, our immune system automatically gets triggered. It starts the process of repelling that particular antigen in many ways.

At the same time, in the case of viral infections, the antigens often stay back in the body and are not fully expelled. They remain dormant and ineffective while our immunity system is at the strongest, but are activated once it gets considerably weakened leading to disease recurrence.

[tds_note]    Immunity is our body’s reflex to the invasion of antigens[/tds_note]

How immune system works?

Immunity is our body’s response to antigens. For example, when someone or something tries to harm a person, the first unwitting response of the person would be shielding themselves by getting into a protective stance. In the same manner, immunity gets triggered during an antigen intrusion and protects the body by producing antibodies.

However, if the body’s immunity is weak, the antibodies will have little or no effect on the antigens.

How to develop a strong immune system?

The concept of Ayurveda details that immunity is not only physiological but also psychological. A healthy union of the mind and body coupled with lifestyle and food habits play an essential part in developing a strong immunity.

Diet and Regimen:

One of the primary steps we can undertake for a stronger immunity is by regulating our diet. Moreover, the food should incorporate a daily dose of all the six tastes of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Changing our diet menu according to the seasons is recommended by Ayurveda for keeping our immune system healthy at all times.

Psychosomatic state:

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has a profound effect on both our physical and mental well being. Too much tension or stress can cause an upheaval in our body, leading to a weaker immunity system. According to LiveRight doctors, it is vital that a person’s psychosomatic state is well-balanced for a robust immune system.

Seasonal changes:

As we regulate our diet to seasonal changes, we also need to adopt lifestyle changes as per the seasons. For example, we need to stay hydrated during summer to cope with the loss of bodily fluids during the hot summer days and so on.

A well-balanced combination of these three steps will aid in developing a healthy immune system. Know more about healthy living from our LiveRight doctors today!

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