Rheumatoid Arthritis with Pregnancy

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5 minute read

At Liveright we come across many people dealing with Arthritis. But when we met Suganthi, it was not like every other day.  We felt disconsolate when we heard about her joint pain that collapsed major part of her life.

We are happy that we supported her with the art of wellness through Ayurveda. Here is her real life experience of managing Rheumatoid Arthritis with pregnancy. 

Her hunt for the best ayurvedic clinic in Chennai has come to a happy ending at Liveright. 

Let’s hear(read) it from Suganthi on how she managed her joint pain through the art of wellness.

Joint Pain Kills Happiness

I am Suganthi, a 30-year-old, married to the sweetest guy in the world. Good job, decent pay, compact house, happy weekends, loving husband—a peaceful life to forget all the stressful city noises. 

We, as a couple, love spending the weekends over a sport or any other physical based activity like gardening, rock climbing or playing badminton. This improved our relationship and our health too. 

I personally felt more active because of the happiness. I nailed my career, home-making , and my confidence level is on-fire. With everything picture perfect, I could not ask for more in my life. 

But it did not last and life took a turn when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis with RF 21.

“I used to ignore the mild joint pains without taking proper care”

I used to ignore the mild joint pains, that were an early sign of Arthritis condition, without taking proper care. When the pain got a little wilder, I became the google doctor and pulled the home remedies. But nothing clicked since there was no definitive approach. 

The pain got intense as days moved. When I wake up in the morning, the stiffness in the joints would be excruciating. Holding a knife, ladle or opening the spices jar seemed very difficult.  

It forced me to quit many of my regular tasks. I took elevators, unable to stand in long queues and even typing on WhatsApp was aching.

The heart wrenching part was missing the quality time with my husband. He volunteered to help me with cooking and other households. Although I was happy to have a supportive husband, I felt bad about my inability to reciprocate it back to him because of my Arthritis condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis With Pregnancy

Finally I had no choice other than landing in the hospital seeking help. After so many tests my orthopedist prescribed me steroids (more like painkillers). The capsules eased my pain, relieved me from the stiffness and my joints felt lighter.  Everything started to align back in the way it was in the past.

As weeks rolled, the steroids kept my pain under control but I failed to realize the adverse side effects it can do. On a fine morning, while looking in the mirror,  I noticed the excess facial hair growth. My chin, upper lip and lower lip were looking horrible.

Also a sudden increase in my weight made me obese. The hideous changes in my physique and face kept me bothering. I visited my orthopedist to consult on this. He told me that these are the after effects of steroids.  I was in a dilemma to continue my steroids.

During this bewilderment, I got pregnant and my conscience suggested that I move to a safer treatment because I need to care about my baby. My husband looked into Ayurveda since it is about balancing body, mind and consciousness. We decided to managing Rheumatoid Arthritis with pregnancy by Ayurvedic treatment because it is happy, healthy and safe. 

Best Ayurvedic Clinic in Chennai

On googling the best Ayurvedic clinic in Chennai, I ended up landing in Liveright. I love the idea of Ayurveda online consultation in their wellness platform. It helped me to have a chat over my doubts, puzzles and fears about Rheumatoid Arthritis with pregnancy.

After consultation, I visited them and took the Prakriti test to find my body type and energy. The predominant energy, also called Dosha, helps in devising a special ayurvedic treatment plan exclusively for my body and mind. As I had Vata-Pitta dosha, balancing my Vata energy was vital part of my treatment framework. They also recorded my weight.

Also the doctor found that my joints had high swelling, inflammation and are very tender. 

Critical lifestyle changes is the first and foremost step taken by Ayurvedic doctor. The lifestyle changes included two major things, 

1. Personalized Diet Approach for Arthritis

2. Customized Yoga Asana based on my Prakriti result

4 Lifestyle Changes  I Made

Since Arthritis is an autoimmune condition, the cure is about managing the pain and keeping it under control without letting it interfere in daily activities. I made 4 big and permanent changes in  my diet. They are,

1. I said big No to processed foods. Anything that comes in tetra packs, containers, jars or packets is permanently deleted from my grocery shopping list. 

2. Deep fried, shallow fried or even pan fried meat, snacks, vegetables are all removed from our meal plans. When oil and high temperature comes in contact, I found it releases a compound called AGE and they trigger inflammation.

3. To keep my weight in control, water rich vegetables such as cabbage, radish, cucumber, zucchini(சுரைக்காய்), Ridge Gourd(பீர்க்கங்காய்), turnips, bottle gourd were added in all of my meal plans. To make yummy and healthy recipes out of these veggies, my Ayurveda doctor helped me with ideas.

4. At least two times of my meal will have entirely boiled or steamed foods. They had minimal carbohydrates, focusing on vitamin-C and proteins. 

Ayurvedic Medicines

Along with lifestyle change, I had medications prescribed by my doctor. The medication were mostly Decoction (Kashyam) made out of Curcuma Longa, (Turmeric), Boswellia Serrata (Sallaki), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha), Commiphora Mukul (Guggulu) and also other herbs. 

I learned that the herbs prescribed for me in my medicines aids in suppressing the inflammation. Also I ensured to my Ayurvedic therapist about the safety of them because I am dealing Rheumatoid Arthritis with pregnancy.

For about 2 months the doctor advised me to be strict with the medication. After two months they did a test and I was a happy when I found my baby is safe, healthy and full of nourishment.

My Test Results

The results were incredible and my RF is reduced down to 12. And as a result of it, 

  • I had an increased joint mobility and flexibility.
  • The lubrication in the joints improved and my pain was reduced. I did not have any intense morning stiffness in my fingers and wrists. 
  • I found myself more active and with spiked energy levels. 
  • I was able to get through my entire day without depending on anyone and it boosted my confidence level.

We are now so happy as a couple. With my baby being safe and my joint pain reduced, I am looking forward to the new start of our life as parents.

This is one of my best times of life where my Ayurveda doctor helped me through my pregnancy. She was not only about helping me with Rheumatoid Arthritis with pregnancy, but guided me to look at wellness in a whole different dimension.

Liveright is one of the best Ayurveda clinics in Chennai. They have the best Ayurveda doctors from Chennai in their panel. 


Happiness is born when you are healthy. I realized nothing is important than my body and mind. Having a great career, house and other things are side benefits of having a great healthy body and mind. 

“Art of wellness is the truth and the rest are the superficial pleasures we get then & there”

I recommend Liveright as one of the best Ayurvedic clinic in Chennai for Arthritis or any treatments.

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