MHA & AYUSH Protocols – SOP Health Guidelines For Lockdown

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SOP & health guidelines for lockdown.
4 minute read

They have opened the gates in India. 

Are the gates opened for corona to have easy access to people?

Lockdown did not end. A slight part of the screen was moved so we could breathe some air.

Before stepping out, try to recall the fact that the virus is still out there. The virus will always be out there. A human being can not kill any microorganism. They are part of the ecosystem and food chain. 

There are many websites listed out the guidelines during this lockdown— the rules, regulations, restrictions, and protocols to be followed by the companies, industries, and shops. We suggest you read the guidelines from the Ministry of Home Advisory. 

The government has relaxed the lockdown rules. We need to remember that this is not a period to experiment with unwanted trials. Example: Since they extend the operating time doesn’t mean everybody can roam the streets till then or take those bike rides or car rides. 

Our government is fighting the virus and financial crisis, please don’t be a burden to them as an irresponsible citizen. Stay safe, stay inside and lend a hand to the nation to halt this lockdown. 

MHA has issued guidelines for the standard operating procedures for any firms or industries. The detailed report contains the health measure protocols, safety procedures and also the operation modes.

Who can operate during the lockdown?

The essential services operating (allowed to) during the lockdown : 

  • food, groceries, fruits & vegetables, meat & fish, animal fodder;
  • banking or insurance services and ATMs;
  • telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT enabled services only (for essential services);
  • delivery of essential goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment;
  • healthcare: hospitals, medical centres, medical stores;
  • electricity, petroleum, oil, energy;
  • print and electronic media;
  • cold storage and warehousing services;
  • capital and debt market services as notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India;
  • courier services; and
  • private security services.

It requires all other establishments to continue to have their employees work from home.


Manufacturing and construction industries also have some bent rules to operate during the lockdown. 

Standard Operating Procedures 

Apart from the essential commodities functioning, the government has relaxed rules for a few private establishments but with strict standard operating procedures.

The 15 point checklists issued by the MHA for the COVID-19 management are very crisp and to the point. From the ministry words, below is the exact checklists you need to follow as an individual and a firm.

But if you are opening your company, we recommend you to read the entire PDF signed and issued by the MHA before taking any steps further. 

  1. Wearing face cover is compulsory in all public places, work places.
  2. All persons in charge of public places, work places and transport shall ensure social distancing as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  3. No organization /manager of a public place shall allow gathering of 5 or more persons.
  4. Gatherings such as marriages and funerals shall remain regulated by the District Magistrate.
  5. Spitting in public spaces shall be punishable with fine.
  6. There should be a strict ban on sale of liquor, gutka, tobacco etc. and spitting should be strictly prohibited.
  7. All work places shall have adequate arrangements for temperature screening and provide sanitizers at convenient places.
  8. Work places shall have a gap of one hour between shifts and will stagger the lunch breaks of staff, to ensure social distancing.
  9. Persons above 65 years of age and persons with co-morbidities and parents of children below the age of 5 may be encouraged to work from home.
  10. Use of Arogya setu will be encouraged for all employees both private and public.
  11. All organizations shall sanitize their work places between shifts.
  12. Large meetings to be prohibited
  13. Frequent cleaning of common surfaces and mandatory hand washing shall be mandated in manufacturing units.
  14. No overlap of shifts and staggered lunch with social distancing in canteens shall be ensured.
  15. Intensive communication and training on good hygiene practices shall be taken up

Health Measures Protocols During Pandemic

The SOP guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs helps in framing protocols for normal functioning with safety measures to prevent the infection from spreading like the chain. 

Social distancing, self-isolation, and hygiene practices are important practices during the pandemic. Although these steps stand as a first-line in the defense system, we cannot overlook the health of an individual. 

The Ministry of Ayush has released guidelines that can act as a supportive treatment for the new viral infections. Ayush protocols emphasize self-care at this moment. 

Everything will wait but your health can’t – Free Online Consultation With Ayurveda Experts 

Immunity Boosting Ayurvedic Measures

During crisis time, it is common for people to become weak physically and mentally. Moreover, the lockdown forces a mental breakdown because of a disrupt in the changes of the routines. 

Ayurveda relates immunity to the mind and gut. These health protocol measures from Ayush can provide significant results for the companies operating at the present moment, taking care of your employees with immunity supplements is a thoughtful idea. 

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TN Government Endorsements 

Chief Minister Mr.Palaniswamy has announced the distribution of Kabasura Kudineer under the Arogyam Scheme. We consider this herbal drink as an immunity-boosting medicine in the Indian system of medicine.

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Stepping out is not a solution at this moment, but the government is doing so to keep the economy going without the need of downfall and we should plan our living with COVID.

Just like the healthcare, police, and the sanitization team, press team, it is important for few other people to operate so that India doesn’t fall into a financial black hole. 

As responsible citizens, we need to take care of our employees, obey the rules of SOP and intake the health measure protocols too.

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