How to prevent diabetes with 4 Lifestyle Changes ?

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How to prevent Diabetic disorders ?
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Diabetes is not a disease but a lifestyle disorder. 

Western system or system of medicine has convinced that diabetes mellitus is a disease. 

The change in the insulin levels result in two kinds of disorders that are associated with diabetes. 

1 . Type – 1 Diabetes – Your immune system attacks the cells inside the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. As a result, you don’t produce insulin. 

2. Type – 2 Diabetes – Your body doesn’t use the insulin produced by your pancreas. As a result, the glucose produced by the insulin is stored in the blood cells only and there is a top sugar level in your blood. 

Both the conditions cause complications and chronic diseases. Now diabetes is not risky, but the diseases that diabetes brings to your body can be lethal. WHO has announced diabetes is an epidemic condition—7th reason for the deaths around the world because of health risks

Is there a cure for diabetes?

When you say cure, it means you are trying to reverse the damages that has occurred in your body because of the condition. In the western system of medicine, there have been so a good deal of research studies and reports on diabetes cure. 

Understand that you should not cure diabetes but adjust your insulin to a normal level based on your body. Insulin gives glucose (the energy molecules) to your cells and they help you function. If you have a lifestyle that dissipates this energy in your body, then your insulin level differs from the other person. 

What are the reasons for diabetes?

Lifestyle is the primary reason for diabetes. Insulin is an enzyme, and the secretion of it depends on the body’s metabolism. 

The metabolism depends on the food, sleep and physical activity of an individual. Let’s say you eat so much deep fried chicken, your body will face a lot of internal inflammation because of the excessive AGE molecule present in the fried chicken. 

Another major reason for diabetes is hereditary. They occur because your great-great-grandfather had an abnormal insulin level. 

The abnormal insulin level will not kill you, but it affects the other parts of the body and that results in risky health conditions. So, if you correct your food and lifestyle diabetes complications become lesser and sugar level is normal. 

There are four lifestyle habits which cause high risk to become diabetic and develop many complications at a younger age.

Skipping Breakfast 

When you are running late to the office in the morning, you skip breakfast and rush with a cup of coffee. If you don’t break the fasting in the morning by sending some calories to your body, there occurs a chain reaction in your body which leads to disrupted insulin secretion. This bad habit will affect the sugar level in your blood and the chances of getting TYPE-2 Diabetes is high. 

“The study suggests that skipping breakfast just one day a week may raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 6 percent. Missing the morning meal four to five days a week elevates that risk to 55 percent “-

Source: Everyday Health.

Packaged beverages & food 

The packaged foods are ultra-processed and they have a tendency to disturb the cellular structure. A disturbed cell molecule brings abnormal insulin secretion. The chemical constituents present in the ultra processed beverages like sodas, soft drinks and carbonated drinks damages the cell’s functioning level. Also, the preservatives added in these packed containers can create an overeating pattern in your body. The packaged food contains trans-fat which increases the risk of cholesterol level in blood and that causes the risk of type-2 diabetes 

Sleep Deprivation 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “In fact, sleep deprivation is an often overlooked but significant risk factor for type 2 diabetes, a disease that involves too much glucose (or sugar) in the blood and increases the risk of heart disease.”

Inadequate sleep leads to an increase in junk food, carbohydrates and sugar cravings. Also when there is little to minimal sleep, you are tired and prone to be less active. Your sugar level also depends on the amount of exercises you can do. 

Emotional Stress 

Stress and diabetes have a powerful link to each other. A diabetic person cannot experience stress and consecutive distress can lead to disrupted hormone levels, disturbing the functioning of insulin. Stress can activate the hypothalamus pituitary-adrenal axis and central nervous system. This brings either a high or low level of cortisol and sex hormones which plays a huge role in affecting the insulin in the blood. Avoiding stressful circumstances can lower your chances of becoming diabetic. 


Understanding what you do wrong is more important than finding a solution. Forming recent habits to change your lifestyle starts from breaking the bad ones first. 

It is always easy to stick to the don’ts first before you take upon your do’s. If you have any of these awful lifestyle habits, it leads to a high risk of developing complications of diabetes. 

In the next blog article, you will find ways to prevent these destructive habits and frame pleasant habits for a diabetes-free-life.

Live but Live Right 

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