Support the frontline workers and post COVID 19 patients

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Support frontline workers and Covid-19 patients.
3 minute read

From Dalgona coffee to Tik-Tok ban, India is full of fresh news each day. The year 2020, is giving so many opportunities for various industries to upgrade upon themselves with innovation and implementation. 

Almost the “new-normal” is almost like returning to the traditional practices of human civilization. Early rise and early bed is seen because of the lockdown operational rules. Home cooked food is welcomed as the quality family time and exercises at terrace is the recent trend in the COVID-19 world. 

However the modern man has failed to upgrade his soft skills. COVID-19 created a fear into everybody’s mind and that triggered healthy routines and habits in people’s lives but as a human we failed to develop a pleasant personality. 

The fear also left a strong discrimination against COVID-19 patients, frontline workers and neighbors of the contained zone. Sad to read, but the truth speaks about its actions very brutal. 

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Are you discriminating against the virus or your people?

In Hindu times, it is quoted that the virus doesn’t discriminate against the people but people does. The COVID-19 has shook the world with tremendous fear in the hearts of many. This fear made some rapid changes in the regular life of the people. 

The frontline workers were discriminated across the globe. Healthcare workers, hygiene sector workers and police department received raised eyebrow looks from the common public. 

One doctor from Surat received warnings and threats from her neighbor for treating COVID 19 patients at her hospital. Her neighbors has left a harsh message claiming her to be a carrier of the virus and logged complaint to prevent her from stepping into the apartment premises


Support frontline workers during covid 19

Although it is common for a human to react without thinking twice, it is not acceptable behavior. The pandemic is leading to reactive responses. 

The condition of a COVID-19 patient is much worse than the frontline workers. I live in a sub-urban area and my neighbor tested positive last week. They have locked like 5 houses which are next to next and the rest of the street stares at us all like caged animals carrying an invisible missile. 

I went out to the medical shop outside of the barricade line and the people at the store all flew away thinking I am carrying the infection because I live inside the containment zone. I cannot imagine the situation when our neighbor returns from the hospital. 

1. Don’t be Ignorant

When you know little, don’t make conclusions. Without relevant information about the disease and its transmission, make no judgements. COVID-19 is not airborne or water-borne disease. When a person recovers from the COVID-19 they don’t carry the virus inside their body. Don’t spread false information about the disease contamination. WHO is updating the scientific findings and technical issues of the COVID-19 in their website. 


2. Follow Strict Self-Hygiene 

Self hygiene is found as one common factor which can relate to the virus infection. Although immunity plays a vital role in fighting the infection, poor hygiene practices will lead to high chances of catching the infection. A recovered patient will have a mild immunity and energy since their body had been fighting the virus. When you encounter them, please follow proper hygiene precautions and don’t make their health worse. 

3. Compassion Behavior 

Already the pandemic is causing so many issues towards mental health. When you behave abnormal towards them, they will have lower self confidence in the society. Hugging them or touching them will not lead to COVID-19 transmission. They are healthy individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. Remember to show some compassion towards these individuals. 

4. Virus Transmission Can Happen Through Anyone 

The human mind thinks, since the frontline workers are more exposed towards the virus infection, they carry the virus in their body. In reality, the frontline workers are the ones who follow very strict hygiene practices and they are more proactive in preventing the transmission than the common individual you meet in your regular day. 


We get it; it is the lockdown and panic is creating so much mental pressure. The time of uncertainty is causing many of us to behave towards patients. It is prime time to stand together as humans and not become victims to the thoughts that provoke negative reactions. 

If you still are not convinced about the COVID-19 transmission and feeling like a scared cat, read our articles about how Ayurveda helps in immunity, simple medicines to prevent the viral infection. 

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