COVID – 19 Second Wave Symptoms : How it is different?

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covid 19 second wave symptoms
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Every new year there are always many different hopes towards new beginnings, growth, and success till COVID-19 stepped into the picture. The new strain, the second one, with the third one already waiting to be discovered, is bewilderment. Unlike the first wave, the COVID 19 second wave symptoms had proved to be intense at the onset stage. 

Before we discuss the symptoms of both waves, here are saddening statistics on the infection rate between them, 

  1. 5.8% increase in infection rate among less and equal to 20 years 
  2. 7% increase in shortness of breath in patients in the second wave 
  3. 1% increase in the mortality rate of the COVID positive patients in the second wave 

Source : No difference in mortality in COVID-19 ‘first’ and ‘second wave’: ICMR

The figures look tiny but the rise caused a lot of uncomfortable truth. You will understand the impact when you learn about the symptoms of the first wave and second wave 


  1. Consistent Fever or Intermittent fever 
  2. Breathlessness and gasping for breaths 
  3. Loss of taste or smell or both
  4. Diarrhea, vomiting, and other early GI tract infections 
  5. Nausea, headaches lasting for several days 
  6. Sore throat, dryness in the mouth with no or minimal saliva 
  7. Uncomfortable body pain 
  8. Lethargy, weakness, and mentally down 
  9. Loss of appetite 
  10. Loss of hearing
  11. Bloodshot eyes or conjunctivitis or tiresome eyes 

How Symptoms Of Second Wave Are Different?

In 2020, the first wave killed the patients when they reached shortness of breath. Then another severe symptom that risked life is acute renal failure. While in the second wave from March, the onset symptom is breathlessness. 

Early Asymptomatic Symptoms 

1.Body Pain and Lethargy 

Out of 40% of the affected crowd in India confirms that they had severe body pain days before the fever. This physical symptom can be confusing because it cannot be explained against the COVID virus directly. 

2. Bloodshot eyes, conjunctivitis, or fatigue eyes  

Among the tested positive, a major of them experienced dull and tired eyes. They are unable to neither open nor close. It is due to the spread of the virus in the membranes. Overall 1-3% of the affected global crowd will develop this symptom. 

3. Dry mouth and no saliva 

This symptom is tricky because it can as well be a state of dehydration. You cannot really identify this one because it is intermittent and not watchful enough for anybody to observe. 

4. Nausea and Headaches 

Quite a common symptom but rarely identified as COVID-19 because we all have this in our day-to-day life nowadays. However, you can differ slightly if your headache is accompanied by vomiting. It is high chances that you are affected by the virus. 

When to test for second wave condition?

Asymptomatic demands more proper human behavior to avoid risking further infection. In case of experiencing the above symptoms, avoid diet habits and routines that might damage your health. Eating freshly cooked warm meals, sleeping at least 8 hours a day, and eliminating too much screen time are some of the healthy practices that can help. 

  1. If your symptoms are accompanied by fever at a constant rate or intermittent rate. 
  2. Fever lasting for two days with temperature ranging from 100-102 is a warning sign for the COVID-19 second wave. 
  3. Fever accompanied by breathing trouble. common

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Early Symptoms of COVID -19: Second Wave

Shortness Of Breath 

Compared to the first wave, shortness of breath is prevalent in all the patients in the second wave. This is scary because the gasping results in low levels of oxygen in your blood. Within two days of fever, many patients developed breathing trouble as the primary issue. 

The lung infection rate is another factor that affects normal breathing. Earlier during the first wave, the symptoms were mild throat pain, cough, and also the infection spreading inside the body was low comparatively. In the second wave, the virus strain is highly potent enough to spread quickly in your lungs. It is pretty vulnerable to a weak body (less immunity). common

And that puts enough reasons for the mandatory CT test of lungs in the new treatment protocols for effective drug administration. 

Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) Infections 

Vomiting or diarrhea and the other symptoms of Gastrointestinal tract infections were in less than 0.1% of patients in the first wave. Now, diarrhea is ordinary in patients who are affected by the COVID-19 second wave. Especially, diarrhea is known to persist at least for a week after recovering from fever too. 

Science proves the cause of GI tract infection is the spread of mucous to the intestines from the lower respiratory tract. If the mucous is treated while still in the upper respiratory tract, GI infections have no chance.

This symptom is also a warning sign because it could cause sudden acute renal failure. 

Loss of appetite, smell, and taste 

Usually, fever results in loss of appetite but with the COVID 19 virus, you also lose the smell and taste of the food. It is because of the severe mucus in the lungs. During the first wave, the patients developed this symptom when the virus is in moderate to severe infection rate. But with the second wave of COVID-19, this is an onset stage condition. 

If loss of senses accompanies fever or wet cough, please reach the hospital or COVID helpline to receive COVID testing. 


LiveRight launched COVID GENIE in April 2021. It is an online initiative to guide, support, and care for people. 

covid genie for covid-19 second wave symptoms

What can COVID GENIE do?

  1. Guide you to identify symptoms correctly.
  2. Help you practice home-quarantine methods.
  3. Teach diet recipes for COVID, post covid measures, and preventive.  
  4. Connect to a health coach for COVID-related doubts. 
  5. Book Ayurveda COVID CARE treatment for tested positive patients.

It is a free initiative.

How do you talk to COVID GENIE? 

  1. Call +91-7825899001 
  2. WhatsApp #covidgenie
  3. Email [email protected] with subject #covidgenie 


There is enough said already by a lot of people on how you take care. So we ask you to really take care this time. Everything else can wait but your health cannot. 

Take care. You are too precious for anything else. 

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