Vata Dinacharya : How to create lifestyle?

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2 minute read

Before creating a dinacharya, you must understand that a lifestyle that has healthy daily routines is the key to being happy. By understanding your whole constitution pros and cons you can customise the below lifestyle advice according to yours.

Strength WeaknessesCareer Choices 
Creative minds that bring unique solutions. Diving too deep and lost in an never ending rippleDesigners, dancers, actors, teachers, writers, and photographers.
Ability to learn anything fast and adopt them. Multi-tasking (sometimes a disadvantage)Don’t take excessive responsibility
When in focus becomes unstoppable.Erratic nature Look for a office that has fresh air circulation 
Excellent communication skills Easily distracted Media, entertainment and marketing industry 

How to regain your cheerful and creative life back?

When you practice the concept of rest, recharge and reflect you will learn to have a hold on your life. Watch out your eating habits when you feel like you have not done anything but were in all places. Cut down raw vegetables, sour fruits, astringent or bitter taste food from your shopping list. 

Dinacharya Plan 

If you received your quiz test result as Vata, then here is your guide. Remember, a Vata must have Dinacharya regimen. Regimen is your only key to be happy.  

  • Wake up at 5 – 5.30 AM 
  • Must do an hour of outdoor physical activity that is a mixture of cardio and breathing exercises
  • Self-Abhyanga (massage) with pure sesame oil before bathe everyday morning
  • Breakfast – 7.30 AM to 8.00 AM, Lunch – 2.30 PM & Dinner – 6.30 – 7.00 PM 
  • Avoid junk foods and soft drinks 
  • Must eat one kind of spinach weekly thrice
  • Equal parts of carbohydrate and vegetables
  • No Maid or cake flour based meals
  • Light and easily digestible foods 
  • Millets to be consumed weekly once (Avoid Raagi)

Vata Skincare Products 

Vata skin is very dry, rough and thin skin. Any amount of body lotion, moisturizer on their skin will never be enough for them. Herbal oil like Nalpamaradi Thailam (esp with Tila Thaila base) is an excellent skin hydration for them. Doing a self-massage with this oil twice a day and taking a bath in lukewarm water with a liquid body wash or besan gram flour will give a plumpy and even-tone complexion. Avoid coarse powders or dry face mask on your skin. 

  • Thick, oily and heavy moisturizers in winter
  • Thick gels in summer
  • Prefer gel based cleanser, shower gels or oil soaps for body wash
  • Always include herbal oils in your skincare routine
  • Bathe in slight lukewarm water
  • Use frozen lip moisturizers
  • Drink water, fresh juices and smoothies

Vata Dietary Recommendations

To Eat 

PumpkinCoconutAlmonds QuionaButter
Ladies FingerApple (cooked)Cashew Rice (all types)Buttermilk
GarlicMangoPumpkin SeedsWheatCow’s milk 
BeetrootPomegranatesWalnutsOats cookedCottage cheese
SpinachLemonsSesame seed

To Avoid 

CabbageWatermelonPopcornCornPowdered Milk
CauliflowerPrunes (dry)CuscousFrozen Yogurt
ArtichokesRaisins (dry)Millet
Corn fresh and rawFigsRye

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