Pacify the Vata Dosha In Soul

2 minute read
2 minute read

A stressed soul damages your personality, character, and perception of life. 

Soul is a sense.

It is established when your body connects to the mind or vice-versa. You can feel your soul through intuition, instincts, presence of mind, and spontaneity. If you want it in scientific terms, they are the fluids that communicate with your brain and sensory organs. Those fluids carry important encrypted signals which helps you to interpret decisions, form beliefs, hold ethics, practice virtues, and follow principles in your life. 

In layman terms, soul is your gut feeling. i.e intuition

When Vata dosha is high, intuitions are misinterpreted with wrong notions. A stubborn mind, indecisive heart, blaming mouth is justified as an act of defense. When vata is aggravated, it is common to play the victim in every situation. The cheerful and creative Vata becomes a drama queen.  

You will get trapped inside an illusion and it is quite hard to realize that you have a problem. These are the high stages of stress. They require psychotherapy experts to handle Ayurveda depression management includes behavioral corrections, training the mind for balancing the dosha. 

The below are some easy quick reliefs to bring back yourself to norms. However, Ayurveda depression management will need at least 3-6 months of regular therapies including medicinal treatments too. 

  1. Practice Gratitude: Every night, before going to bed, allow yourself to have the time to think about all the good things in life. Visualize the moments of the day and identify the places where you felt “good lord, it happened in that way”. 
  2. Avoid the screen time – Elevated Vata dosha needs to avoid screen time at least 90 minutes before bed. 
  3. Bedtime is the only time where Vata dosha people can take moments to self-reflect, so doing evening abhyanga, applying moisturizer, writing a journal, or reading a book will all trigger the positive notions into their minds. 
  4. Texting people at night, chatting for long periods through mobile or email is not advisable for an elevated Vata dosha. 
  5. To avoid insomnia, Vata dosha people should drink ashwagandha milk at night or intake ogestern lehyam mixed in milk. 
  6. Going caffeine-free for straight 15 days will also induce the happy hormones into the Prana Vata mind. 
  7. Whenever there is a stress, anxiety, or panic attack moment, Vata people should make contact with the floor using their barefoot. 
  8. Instead of drinking milk or tea, they can go for ginger tea. This would stimulate the pitta elements that can help them to channel their emotions 
  9. Vata dosha people are advised to always have some kind of sweet in their bags. Carrying palm sugar candies or jaggery and sucking them whenever they feel depressed will ground them with stability. 
  10. Along with normal water, Vata dosha people can intake herbal medicated water by mixing equal amounts of 1 spoon of shunt and giloy powder in 2 liters of boiling water. Cooldown this mixture and intake them in warm condition whenever feeling thirsty. 


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