Pacify Pitta Dosha In Soul : 3 Rituals

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Pitta Dosha In Soul
2 minute read

Pitta dosha in the soul is full of emotions that begins with judgmental and ends at destruction.

Perspective is the child of Pitta Prakriti. Only by sheer practice, one can change the self-centered mind to open up to the positivities. In general, we rush towards decisions or get sidetracked if our minds and heart are not synchronized. 

The soul is the connection between your logical perspective and instincts. If you are out of balance, you will make decisions driven by emotions or forget the human aspect and focus stubbornly on being right always–taking the logical side. 

To get started to align your soul, you can bring the body and mind together with consistency in the diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. 

Dinacharya For Pacifying Pitta Dosha

Morning Ritual 

Wake up at 6 AM or before that every day. Don’t sleep in or stay on the bed after 6 AM. Make it a habit to get out of bed when your alarm goes off at 6 AM. Even if you feel sleepy, step out of the bed, and start to walk out of your bedroom. 

Oil pulling is another good way that will trigger the brain early morning after you wake up. Swish your mouth with sesame oil or clove oil that can cleanse your toxins in the mouth. 

Pranayama is a must in your morning routine. Get outdoors, sit in a cross-legged position. Begin by simple inhale and exhale exercises. This should wake up your brain cells with a supply of fresh oxygen. Fresh oxygen everyday morning gives a tranquil state so that you can come down to your normal mode. 

Self-abhyanga with nalpamaradi thailam is natural healing to that boiling mind of pitta. Nalapamaradi thailam has high amounts of herbs that pacify pitta dosha, the oil itself called as pitta pacifier. Also, self-massaging means it improves self-love. If you are happy with yourself, then you will be happy with others too. 

Evening Ritual 

Evening rituals are equally important to pacify the pitta dosha. Only with help of evening rituals, you can get a good sleep at night. 

Turn off the work before 6 PM and shut down the laptop, mobile, and other electronic screens. 

Take one hour to exercise or dance or any physical activity which includes cardio. It gives a blood flow throughout the body and can cool off if any work stress accumulated during the day 

Drink herbal tea without milk during evening snack time. You can also snack some nuts, dry fruits for your snacks. 

Eat dinner before 8 PM and start your night skincare routine by 8:30. Apply perfumed lotions which ease your mind to sleep. 

Practice gratitude meditation every night before you sleep. 


You will need a equal mix of food, meditation and patience. To begin with, you can practice few things that looks easy to you like not skipping food, trying to intake coolants or hydrating food like watermelon, cucumber.

However, the mind is more intellectual and seeks meaning in the critical times. Let go few logics, wisdom and become a child to allow the fire to cool down before you take the next step in lowering the pitta energy.

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