Pacify Kapha Dosha In Soul

2 minute read
pacify Kapha dosha in soul
2 minute read

The soul is the governing factor of body and mind. The head and heart should never start the war because it affects the soul then. Stress is the biggest factor that, when not managed, damages a person’s tranquility, harmony, and self-love. It is a clear sign that you are depressed. To bring the alignment between the body and mind, forming a lifestyle that aligns with your Prakriti is vital. Like attracts like in Ayurveda, so including opposites balances the qualities–maintains tranquility. 

As far as Kapha is concerned, daily routines can be really helpful to remove the heavy, congested, unmotivated, and lethargic attitude. 

Kapha starts evening 

A morning routine is important but Kapha needs more of an evening self-care ritual to avoid the laziness which usually kicks in around 5 PM. You don’t need to have a complex evening ritual. Simple hygiene, skincare, and personal care routines will bolster your sense of self-worthiness. 

Exercise twice a day 

Morning exercise chases away drowsiness and promotes fresh oxygen supply however, the evening exercise gives the proper required sleep. Aggravated Kapha dosha tends to oversleep or be insomniac. So to avoid both, sweat for around an hour in the evening.

Include Spontaneity 

Kapha people are also private people. They will have a larger circle of friends but they are not very social with everybody. So to balance this stuck behavior which is a result of denseness and heaviness in the mind, try something new. Call a friend or family member suddenly in the middle of a day. Practice something new at least once a week. 

Practice Gratitude 

Increased Kapha dosha can develop bullying behavior, victim mentality, passive-aggressive habits. It is common to show this behavior because of the disturbed energy levels in your body. But you can balance them by writing a gratitude journal before going to bed. 

Cleanse, Hydrate And Love 

Kapha skin is naturally a porcelain texture. So please take good care of your skin because if not taken care it leads to acne, pimples, and pigmentation. Intake herbal water to rinse your internal skin health and apply light or powder forms of skincare products. 

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