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prediabetes management
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Reasons for your treatment failures

After a series of trial and errors, here is the reason why your prediabetes lifestyle management, plan or program or diet is not working. Ayurveda can explain the reason and design a effective treatment for prediabetes

Dr.Subashri, BAMS, Lifestyle Expert

If this blog post is thousand and one in your hunt in finding the ideal treatment for prediabetes or diabetes, it is time to look at your approach. 

In most prediabetes management or treatment methods, there is no specific approach based on you and your DNA qualities, and that makes the treatment ineffective or harmful. 

In this blog post, I am explaining five key points to understand, irrespective of any treatment method you choose, for your prediabetes management to succeed. 

Pre-diabetes to Diabetes Symptoms


Understanding prediabetes treatment is a subject-based disorder 

Reversing your prediabetes condition is purely dependent on your metabolism-strength of Agni. Few symptoms are common but when you are looking to cure the root, the approach needs to be specific and custom-made. Your friend will look thin and will eat buckets of biryani and not even feel a thing on his chest but you on the other hand will have a full increase in your blood sugar level for a small gulab jamun. 

This is why you need a subject-based approach because the metabolism difference comes from the Prakriti –DNA blueprint of your body and mind. 

So does that mean you cannot eat Gulab Jamun at all? 

Yes, for some cases but mostly you can enjoy even a little amount of desserts once you reverse your prediabetes condition. 

So the key to curing your prediabetes condition should begin by finding your Prakriti, Dosha, and Vikriti states. They have a solution for your root cause for every single pancreatic cell mechanism and malfunction –insulin imbalance

Focus on improving your quality of living 

Usually, prediabetes treatment emphasizes more on your lifestyle—diet, sleep, and exercise. It is a healthy approach that idealizes your eating pattern so that you can prevent medicine or insulin dependency. However, 90% of lifestyle treatment fails because of the ignorant knowledge towards it and lack of consistent effort.

Our current generation thinks lifestyle as increasing the number of followers in the social media and how much reach their yoga reels get. We are focusing on others’ opinions in our recreational activities instead of rejuvenating our body cells. 

For example, Cycling became a trend after COVID pushed us into WFH. You can see a lot of metro monks roaming on the streets with gears and knee pads. Of course, cycling is good for your body but did you really solve any problem because of it? What is the problem you are trying to solve by cycling? If you don’t have an answer that is enhancing the quality of your living, then what is the point in purchasing a new cycle? 

Practicing a diet or exercise should make you productive, not fancy. If your routines are not helping you to reverse the condition, lower your HBA1c, improve your sleep, then, please consider changing the routine because most of us are masked by the glam attached to the treatment. If something is worthy to post on Instagram or Facebook, we are hardwired to believe that it is good. Take a pause and analyze if the treatment is really solving your problem. Prediabetes management routines need to be embedded into your daily schedule without hindering your work productivity, actually, the treatment should be helping you to perform better.  

Aim for solutions that give lasting benefits 

I understand the world has pushed you into a race where finding solutions and tasting instant success is irresistible. Although immediate results are going to make you feel good for a while, they also destroy the opportunity to build a permanent solution. Jumping from one treatment to another is not the ideal way to determine your treatment effectiveness. When you focus on fixing things with band-aids, it is not going to work in the long term but will last till your band-aid holds. 

When trying to reverse pre-diabetes, think through before taking up treatment. Don’t aim for results in one month, 15 days, or overnight because to detox the inflammation of your pancreas to regulate its mechanism by own self-healing, takes about 90 days. Any treatment will produce results only after your pancreas is completely cleansed. If a prediabetes treatment is giving you results in a few weeks, you need to get to the root of it to understand how it is doing that? Or more like at what cost it is doing that? I mean at the cost of which organ it is doing that? 

Accept your condition, it fastens your healing 

Most of the time, when the physician informs you that this is the condition, we don’t have the mind to accept that. We change the physician, hoping that will change our condition. You should change your mind, not the physician; your body becomes more balanced and responds faster to the treatment. It also allows your mind to take things positively and form an Eustress. This will make your metabolism process improve its quality. Accept your condition as it is and obey your body’s needs

Reversing begins with consistent efforts, not turbulent changes 

Don’t go overboard in changing your diet or start something too intense in exercise. When you make turbulent changes, it backfires with increased cravings–stopping a keto or paleo after few months of trials. You cannot overlook things like this. It is all about slowly changing things. You should begin with removing minor things like reducing your three cups of coffee to 1 cup and follow that consistently for 2 to 3 months. With a regular consistent effort, you get small rewards that are permanent. Changing completely everything over the night leaves you with the inability to cope up with the treatment.


It is not about what you do or how you do.
The why behind your prediabetes treatment is the ultimate way to live a diabetic-free life.

In the next blog post, we will see how diabetes is embedded into your Prakriti and how much liability you have in developing the condition if you don’t obey your body-mind constitution type.

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