From 12.9 to 9.2 : Reversing Diabetes In 3 months

4 minute read
4 minute read

From 12.9 to 9.2

Shwetha is the next door girl who lives the life of a regular married woman. She wakes up early, cooks and cleans for her family. Along with being the dotting wife and mother, she is also enthusiastic in developing software applications. 

Although her life was pretty happy, and mostly healthy, she developed diabetes in her 40’s and was completely unaware of it. It was during the lockdown she realized that her body was deteriorating because of high HbA1c (blood sugar level)

Shwetha did not realize the insulin insensitivity happening to her body until she got hit with her symptoms.Unlike usual days she was not able to cope up with the increased workload due to lockdown. Shwetha realized that something is off with her body. 

The major symptoms that was popping up on her usual days are, 

  1. Too much tiredness during daytime 
  2. Disturbed sleep at night
  3. Frequent urination 
  4. Drinking water quite often (increased thirst) 
  5. Unusual cravings for a specific taste like saltiness and sweets 
  6. Abrupt mood changes with mental breakdown 

The increase in constant fatigueness made her take the typical route of trying the western medicine. 

Her Stop at LiveRight 

After trying allopathy for 6 months, she decided to do a little research on the tablets she was intaking because of the abnormal changes in her physique. Shwetha freaked out when she read about the long term damages including suicidal thoughts and hallucinations.She learnt that the western drugs had a superficial approach. The tablets were suppressing the symptoms without helping her body to arrest them. 

While spending much time on the internet reading about diabetes, she landed on LiveRight’s “How to cure diabetes without medicine?” blog post. 

From that moment, Shwetha believed in diet, herbal medicines, and lifestyle habits. She reached us through our healthcare genie number 7825899001. The moment she dropped a Hi on our WhatsApp, her entire health fate was changed to progress direction. 

We sensed a little hesitation from her about trying Ayurveda for the first time. So we connected her to our health coach to get her 30 minutes free health opinion. The call connected her to our brand also because the health coach takes extensive effort in explaining about diabetes, Prakriti, dosha, and how Ayurveda approaches the treatment. 

Treatment Approach 

Dr.Subashri diagnosed Shwetha and was appointed as her chief consultant. The doctor had a thorough understanding of her existing lifestyle, preferences and routines to identify the Prakriti and Dosha. 

Once it is chartered down, the ayurveda diabetes treatment took place in four simple steps. 

  1. Nithya Virechanam – detox 
  2. Internal Medicines – preventing the secondary complications
  3. Pathya Aaharam – stabilizing and enhancing liver health
  4. Viharam – improving mental health 

Nithya Virechanam

It is essential to do a vigorous detox (purification by removing toxins and impurities) before intaking the medicines. Removing the harmful residues enhances liver functioning. Nithya Virechanam is an easy detox procedure that can be done without hindering her daily chores or work. 


  • Removes the residues toxins and impurities from the body
  • Enhances the functions of the liver to improve its metabolism rate 
  • Reduces the internal inflammation in the body 
  • Prepares the liver to increase its nutrient absorption rate 
  • Increases cell ability to absorb the herbs from the medicines completely.  

Internal Medicines 

Dr.Subashri’s diagnosis report had the reason for Shwetha’s insulin insensitivity– high levels of HDL (bad cholesterol). The fat deposition led to a rise in the sugar level. 

To work on arresting the condition immediately, Easbetis was prescribed. Also, to fix the insulin insensitivity, and to cut off the root cause of the metabolism disorder, Eastalip was instructed. Shwetha started with 2 tablets of Easbetis and Eastalip two times a day, but now it has come to 1 tablet 2 times a day. 

Eastalip aids in controlling her bad fat in the body. Herbs such as Gokshura, Devadaru and 6 other medicinal plants balance the cholesterol levels in the blood. 

Easbetis brings the essence of improving the liver metabolism and strengthening the pancreatic cells. Especially the herbs of Easbetis are proven to have strong potential to support a good insulin secretion and absorption.

Dr.Subashri addressed the problem by taking a combination approach of solving the root cause of the disorder and arresting worsening factors further. 

Pathya Aaharam 

After intaking the ayurvedic medicines for ten days, we started to focus on changing the Shwetha diet because metabolic disorders like diabetes cannot be cured without a therapeutic diet — pathya aaharam. 

To correct the malfunctioning of the metabolism cycle, pathya aaharam is a must. Pathya aaharam includes four steps and they are, 

  • Eating three times a day → helps in balancing insulin secretion
  • Stabilizing the mealtime to the same time every day → helps the liver to develop a biological clock 
  • Removing a few vegetables and fruits from the existing diet → reduces liver inflammation 
  • Adding the vegetables and fruits to the existing diet → increases pancreas & liver strength 


Viharam is the key turning point for Shwetha in resolving her obesity issues. The prolonged work from home deposited bad fat on her body which disturbed the insulin distribution in the body. She also had high HDL because of the sedentary lifestyle. 

Through the help of technology and a few applications, we encouraged her to sweat at least 2 hours a day and also kept a tab on her BMI. With adjustable routine timings, she was able to pick her own comfortable time to work out every day for 2 hours without skipping. 

Arriving To Wellness  

This blog article about Shwetha coming back to her healthy body is a short 5-minute read. But in reality, she took efforts that lasted almost 3-5 months. During that period, she had struggles, hardships, and unavoidable scenarios that did not support her to reverse her diabetes condition. Her determination to become healthy is the turning point of this whole treatment becoming successful in 90 days. 

She came back full of life and a completely fit body. Shwetha proved diabetes management through Ayurveda is not difficult but divine. LiveRight is damn proud of her today because she did not give up her career nor the family needs to become healthy. She did everything and Ayurveda helped her to align all the things in her life. 

We, the LiveRight patient care team, are happy that we had a tiny part to play. 

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