How to detox after diwali?

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The primary and most straightforward reason for Diwali Detox is you need to poop. If the stomach is disturbed, you will not have calm loo-time.

Nobody likes an uncomfortable stomach the day after Diwali.

3 minute read

The next day after Diwali is a super lazy day. 

Rolling on the bed from end to end, scrolling through Instagram to see all the likes you got on your “Diwali stories” is the common hangover habit we do post Diwali night. 

The tiredness from bursting crackers and taking selfies flows through our body and stops at the stomach because of the so-called speed breaker “bloating”.

Funny right?

Your indigestion slowly climbs up to your throat and demands you to somehow get it out. It is called an acidity sensation. 

With all these abnormal stunts in your body, you can either post a reel with the hashtag Diwali Hangovers or listen to our native traditions and melt your indigestion. 

What is the Diwali Hangover?

A hangover is a typical pain and nauseating feeling that is occurring in the head only. It is usually because of intense alcohol consumption. In general, hangovers are emotions that urbanites refer to when they feel tired but unsure of where it is troubling in the body. 

Diwali hangovers are the ones we get on the next morning of Diwali. It is an absurd feeling in your stomach and throat. There might be some mild pain in your body and mind too. You will be in that zoned-out mode where there is an urge to get something out completely 

This is Diwali Hangover 

Why to Detox Diwali Hangover?

The primary and most straightforward reason for Diwali Detox is you need to poop. If the stomach is disturbed, you will not have calm loo-time.

Nobody likes an uncomfortable stomach the day after Diwali.

How to detox Diwali Hangover?

First Let’s Poop 

Whatever be it, you need to get the shit out. Usually, the reasons for not being able to excrete are bloating or constipation. Bloating is called Aadhmaana- a weak form of digestive fire as a result of a Vata imbalance. Constipation is called Apana – an aggravated Vata dosha that tightens your stool and makes it hard for excretion. 

To solve this problem, balancing the Vata & Pitta dosha is ideal by eating right things 

Here are foods, smoothies, and tea to remove the digestive disorders  

  1. Eat slices of Papaya on an empty stomach to smooth your intestines. 
  2. Boil carrots, cabbages, and peas and drink them with salt and pepper. It is a clear soup and it relieves constipation. 
  3. Bananas and walnuts make a good smoothie for a bloated stomach. Blend two bananas with 2-3 tbsp of walnuts. You can add honey for taste.
  4. Anti-Flatulent Tea – Mix equal parts of clove, turmeric, fresh ginger, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander leaves, black peppercorns and boil them in 300ml of water and reduce to 150ml. Intake them as it is or add palm jaggery for taste.  

Ayurveda Supplements 

1. Triphala 

2. Hinguvachadi Choornam 

3. Ashta Choornam 

Please intake the above supplements after consulting an Ayurveda physician for correct dosage and directions. 

Flushing Out Toxins 

Although excretion removes a major toxin from your body, there will be some toxins left on your body from your Diwali feast. It is crucial to look at these impurities since they can harm your liver. The harmful residues left inside your body will increase inflammation and lead to metabolic disorders. 

Whole Body Detox Methods 


Taking full advantage of Panchakarma for 3-5 days straight is an excellent way to remove harmful toxins from your body. It boosts your immunity by lowering down the inflammation. Panchakarma opens up the blocked channels inside your body. It enhances the functioning of Agni, Bala, and dhatu. Panchakarma is best for all whenever you feel like detoxing your body if you have had a rough week or excess junk intakes. 

Drinking Medicated Herbal Water 

Each body type (Prakriti) holds a different way of developing inflammation. Based on the Prakriti and doshic imbalance you can make your own medicated herbal water to drink throughout the day. When you drink for 15 days straight about 3 liters/day, all the harmful impurities get out of your body. This is also one of the methods used in modern Ayurveda treatment methods to increase the absorption power of the liver. 

Send Healthy Food Inside  

The final step to get over the Diwali Hangover is to eat greens and fibers. After the detox, your body is now fresh and ready to receive all the nutrients. Pick fruits and veggies based on your Prakriti to see immediate results in your immunity. 

Take your Prakriti quiz to find your diet chart here 

In general, you can, 

  • Include the 6 tastes (rasa) in your food. 
  • Eat three times a day without skipping food 
  • Eat freshly cooked homemade food 
  • Intake warm water or medicated herbal water 
  • Eat one fruit before every meal 
  • Avoid deep-fried foods 
  • Drink soups, herbal teas and intake nuts at least once a day 


You will tell us how your Diwali hangover and what method helped you to get sober completely. 

Oh yes !! Don’t forget to also say your best Diwali memory this year 

Wishing you a beautiful year ahead and see you all at the New Year Detox post 

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