The Inception of LiveRight -My Journey To Ayurveda

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The facial paralysis shook up my life but the darkness did not last for long because Ayurveda happened to me. 
The Inception of LiveRight -My Journey To Ayurveda
3 minute read

Hi I am Hari V Narayanan 

I am the co-founder of LiveRight and the director of its parent Ram-Nath & Co Pvt Ltd. The company holds 77 years of history in the chemical industry and continues offering the best products & services. 

When I returned from my studies to take over the company as the next executive director, I did not realize life would hit me with facial paralysis. It is a medical condition where my face neuron cells stop responding to my brain’s instructions like a smile, opening the mouth, talking, or any other actions that have to do with my facial muscles. 

The facial paralysis shook up my life but the darkness did not last for long because Ayurveda happened to me.  You might not believe my words if I said I have completely reversed the condition, but my picture will convince you.  

Look at my smile today. 

I am not bragging, but it is a much appreciated and admired smile 

The Inception of LiveRight -My Journey To Ayurveda

What is Facial Paralysis?

Facial paralysis is a type of disorder where your facial muscles stop responding or move involuntarily. If you google the word “Bells Palsy” or facial paralysis, you will see faces with upward or downward curved lips deforming one side of the face.

The reason for the condition is complex because it can vary from person to person. There might be reasons like congenital, tumor, trauma, or stroke. However, I don’t remember any of this being the reason for my condition. 

How did my family react?

Everybody was panicking about my horrible face structure and worried about the future that I might hold. Since I was at the outset of leading the company into new ventures, I had to meet & greet new people. 

Developing a face value was the core to building strong business relationships. With a face like that, I cannot complain about the universe enough. Despite the world having an open mind to accepting me without criticizing, I had a skeptical thought behind my brain. 

To get the disorder fixed quickly, my family wanted me to take allopathy medicines and treatment. After trying various vain trial and error procedures, there was nothing left to hope for. 

The test to detect the impulse in the neuron cells showed a big zero and that is when everybody except me believed that I am gonna have that crooked face forever. 

Why did I believe Ayurveda will help me?

My wife was a caretaker at an Ayurveda Clinic and every night we both had stories to share about how our day went. The stories she said about how they cured some major conditions only with help of diet, herbs, and therapies. There were no strong chemicals, powerful pain killers, or very advanced technologies, yet the patients all healed without showing harmful side effects. 

Each day it was like watching a star trek show for me with that motivating background music playing in my mind. So this is the ultimate reason my brain hardwired immediately to pick Ayurveda as my treatment method. 

I waited patiently till my family tried everything in the western medical system and realized that it is a total waste of time. Then I went to the same place where my wife was working and the treatment began. After a solid 3 months of therapies and medicine intakes, my face was returning to its original shape. 

I could feel myself becoming better each day. It regained my self-confidence. From the beginning, I knew only Ayurveda can heal me and it did cure me both physically and mentally. The muscles started to transmit the impulses. As time flew like that I was smiling again in the exact same way as I used to. It is the best 90 days of my life. 

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I wish I could write all the herbs, medicines, and treatment names also in here, but I wanted to let you know that it is not that cured me but the confidence that I had in the Ayurveda. There are many reasons not to believe in Ayurveda but I chose to believe it because it is an Indian medicine system and it is naturally compatible with Indian genes. 

Also, many medical systems are claiming that they are customized, personalized, and take a very tailored approach, but in reality, the practice is very much generic. Ayurveda truly takes your Prakriti and Dosha as the principle to diagnose and treat your problems. This is why I believed in Ayurveda. 

Sometimes we need a custom solution because we are not the same as anybody else in this world. 

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