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Mother's day is full of love
4 minute read

A heart that beats for us more than for her. A voice that can calm the hurricane-filled life. A hug that dissolves all the problems. A casual dinner that feels like a scrumptious feast. Even the house feels empty without her.

Maa, Amma, Mummy, Mom, Mumma, Mother, call her anything, it’s love, unconditional love. 

When May rolls, all you think about is what to gift her on Mother’s Day. But have you ever thought about how her life was before you came or what she’s been going through? 

Before motherhood took over, she was someone with a career, a carefree, amazing life. Loving what she was doing. 

The turning point

When pregnancy news gets confirmed, there’s an emotional surge as well as hormonal.

A person who was just thinking about herself and the close ones now has a baby growing inside her. Starting from day one, all her priorities turn toward the little one. What she eats, sees, thinks, and exercises, she keeps the baby in her mind. 

When the baby is born. Her heart bursts with love that she never experienced.

As Sarah Walker said, “Becoming a mother is like discovering the existence of a strange new room in the house where you already live.”

A lot of things change, changes to her logistics, her identity, and her emotions, especially her emotions. The main concern prior to having children was to climb the corporate ladder, but now the dilemma lingers on whether to balance the both or step off the ladder. 

Emotional Changes

#1. Motherhood makes her hypersensitive to her baby’s needs. The cocktail of hormones makes her a powerhouse of intuitions. It fine-tunes her response to the baby’s cries and expressions. All her maternal instincts become vivid. 

#2. She enjoys the tiny person developing a personality of its own. It also brings out the inner child in her. The once self-centered person now becomes self-less and sacrifices, just to see that smile on her child’s face. 

For her, life with a newborn is worlds away from the child-free life, and life with a teenager is worlds away from her life with a newborn.

#3. The world revolves around her kid, and no one comes above the kid, not even her husband or her parents. Even if the person is 60 years old, she will still consider a small child who hasn’t seen the world. She wields an armor of protection around her child.

#4. Once a restless person turns into a patient person as if patience has been the virtue of her life. Altogether, a new take on life happens for her. 

Physical Changes

A woman’s body undergoes massive changes during and after pregnancy. Little by little, everything changes. Having a child changes the body, hair, and everything. But these issues get overlooked because let’s admit, there’s an even bigger one of taking care of a baby comes up. 

#1. Face:

The fluctuating hormone levels affect the facial skin, causing skin pigmentation, acne breakouts, and dry patches. 

#2. Hair:

Remember, looking at old photos and thinking about her long and lustrous hair? Wishing you had the same. But ever wondered what actually happened to her hair?

She lost it during pregnancy. The first trimester leads to the loss of one-third of her hair. During the third trimester, the luscious hair comes back. After delivery, hormone levels drop and again new cycle starts. 

This goes on back and forth, and during menopause also there will be hair loss because of hormonal imbalance.

#3. Body:

The one thing that makes a woman change drastically is her body weight after pregnancy. It might not seem like the old body that she had once had. The rapid increase and inability to lose weight make it more difficult for her. 

Mental Changes

#1. Hormones: 

Motherhood makes her see life before and after. They no longer feel like their old self. It’s a roller coaster of hormones.

Right after giving birth, estrogen and progesterone level drop drastically, leading to baby blues and sometimes postpartum depression. Oxytocin levels flood the system, turning on the motherly instincts and bonding. 

#2. Stress:

Coping with the newborn and taking care of the needs of the baby 24/7 is stressful enough. On top of it when she manages to focus on her career. Then “mom guilt” takes over. 

At times, she might feel as though life is completely out of control. Worry and unhappiness prevail even over the smallest things. She constantly dwells over money, living, relationships, and taking care of the family.  

Make her feel special

A mother is someone who carries you for nine months in her belly and forever in her heart. It’s no wonder that she will wail about spending so much money. But she will cherish those gifts no matter what.

But this year do something different. Talk to her, about her childhood, her ambitions, and everything. It will really make her day. Trust us!
Check on her health. She will assure you saying everything is alright, but insist on her and take her for a full body check-up.

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