The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men’s Ayurvedic Guide

4 minute read
The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide
4 minute read

We know the summer heat is draining all your energy and all you want to do is shout at the sun to stop showing off its hotness. But alas! That’s not possible. There seems to be no end to the summer. 

It’s that time of the year when girls become homebound and are full-fledged with their summer skincare routines. However, the scorching heat has never stopped the guys from going out. 

Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t love back guys for going out during the summer or any other time. The huge time that you spend under the sun slowly damages your skin. It ultimately leads to tanning, skin break-outs, and whatnot. 

It’s the era where looks matter more and this is not just confined to the girls. Boys have also ‌put their A-game forward. 

But the thing is, boys have no clue how to do it. They just apply whatever feels right and leave. To tell the truth, it does more damage than good. So first let’s see the skin of males.

Male skin

The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide- Men;'s skin

Men and women are poles different from each other. So how can the skin be any different? The major difference is because of the hormone testosterone, which determines the masculine characteristic of male skin.

  • Thick skin: Males are not just thick-skinned, they have thick skin too. The presence of collagen makes the skin firmer and tighter in appearance.
  • Facial hair: Men have thick and coarse facial hair. Frequent shaving also leads to rough skin.
  • Oil content: The sebum production is twice that of men. Plus, men have large pores. 

What happens to the skin?

Men spend most of their time outside. The UV rays from the sun attack the melanin pigment in the skin. That causes tanning and aging of the skin. Making you guys look older than your own age.

The pollution in the air clogs the pore in your skin. Since the guys have large pores, it results in the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, etc.

All these things make it difficult to impress your girl. We understand. So here we are with the most effective and most accessible skincare regimen.

We will not prescribe tons of beauty products, yet you can steal a few from the dressing tables of your sister or girlfriend/wife or from the kitchen. 

Shower- Good for you and the people around you

The most important routine for your skincare is bathing. Regular bathing removes the dust and sweat that’s on your skin. Go for cooling herbal bath powders like sandalwood choornam, siddhatanka choornam to enjoy the chillness.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide- showering

Care for your beard 

Wash your beard every day with mild cleansers that do not contain sulfate. Help yourself with foam face washes or exclusive serum for the beard to avoid the sweat or toxins hiding in there and causing itchiness later.

In case you shave regularly, make sure you hydrate your skin after shaving with alcohol-free aftershave. Alternatively, you can also apply Nalpamaradi Thailam and wash your face after 15 minutes with a herbal soap..

The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide- Beard care

Include De-tanning in your summer skincare routine

Curd is a very good de-tanning agent. You can apply them to your face, hands, and feet. Wash it off after 10-20 minutes. Do it twice a week. 

You can use Nalpamaradi Thailam as it is a good de-tanning agent. Every day before bathing, massage Nalpamaradi Thailam and see the difference.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide

Apply Cucumber & Red sandalwood Face mask 

It is not completely essential to prepare your own face packs. You have ready-made face sheets ‌that can unclog pores and make you shine in 20 minutes. Look for cucumber, aloe vera, and red sandalwood face packs. This skincare not only soothes but also heals your skin. 

Moisturize With Gels 

Use gels to keep the skin supple and moist. These gels also act as protectors from the sun. If you have oily skin, try aloe vera gel and for the rest skin types, you can pick any face gels. 

Drink Water Consistently 

Boys and sports are inseparable. However, the longer you spend time on the ground, the more you go nuts because of dehydration. Water not only drenches your thirst but also adds glow. 

Don’t you believe me? Go drink and see.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide

Night care

Night time is the best time to take care of your skin. Apply Kumkumadi Thailam evenly on the face and sleep. Kumkumadi Thailam contains saffron, sandalwood, manjista, and many more herbs that make your skin refreshed and glowing. Wash it off with herbal soap in the morning.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine : Men's Ayurvedic Guide


No more shying away from caring for your skin. It’s time you owned your own skincare products. Bring it on, shine on! 

Obviously, girls like dark and handsome men, but don’t let it stop you from taking care of your skin.

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