Kaphaja Prameha (Diabetes Mellitus)

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Diabetes can be managed and pre-diabetes can be reversed if caught early and treated with simple measures such as losing weight, cutting back on daily calories, and staying physically active.
Kaphaja Prameha (Diabetes Mellitus)
3 minute read

Do you feel increased thirst and frequent urination? Increased hunger and extreme tiredness? Frequent infections and slow healing wounds? These might be the early symptoms of diabetes aka pre-diabetes. 

Prediabetes means your blood sugar level is higher than normal. But it’s not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes yet. It’s the stage where you can stop diabetes at its root.

Yes, you read it right! Diabetes can be managed and pre-diabetes can be reversed if caught early and treated with simple measures such as losing weight, cutting back on daily calories, and staying physically active.

According to Ayurveda, Diabetes is related to Prameha. We have discussed this in our previous blog- Vataja Prameha. Now let’s see about Kaphaja Prameha. 

What is Kaphaja Prameha?

Vitiated Kapha along with the fluids of your body (kleda) and medas (fat) enter the urinary bladder transforming into urine.

During this process, it acquires unhealthy qualities of Kapha. The urine might be white, cold, particulate, slimy, transparent, unctuous, heavy, sweet, dense, clear, and slow. There are ten Kaphaja Prameha types namely:

  1. Udaka meha
  2. Ikshuvalikarasa meha
  3. Sandra meha
  4. Sandraprasada meha
  5. Shukla meha
  6. Shukra meha
  7. Sheeta meha
  8. Sikata meha
  9. Shanir meha
  10. Alala meha

Kaphaja Prameha is known to be curable because:

  • Kapha and medas (fats) have similar properties. Therefore, it can be treated in a similar manner. 
  • For example, an obese person has a lot of fat in their body and they mostly tend to be lazy. For such a person when a thing opposite to their nature like working out Is given, the kapha and the fat both decrease. 

What are the features of Kaphaja Prameha?

The vitiated Kapha contaminates the fat, flesh, and body fluids accumulated in the urinary bladder and causes 10 types of Pramehas. 

Udaka meha

The urine is transparent, excess, white, cold, odorless, turbid, slimy, and similar to water. 

Ikshuvalikarasa meha

The urine is very sweet and similar to sugar cane juice. It is slimy and turbid in nature.

Sandra meha

The urine is dense and precipitates when it is kept overnight. 

Sandraprasada meha

In this condition, the urine appears similar to alcohol. The supernatant part appears clear and the lower part will be dense and thick.

Shukla meha

In this, the person feels horripilation or goosebumps on urination and the urine is white like the paste of fine grain flour.

Shukra meha

The urine appears like semen or mixed with semen.

Sheeta meha

The urine appears sweet and cold in nature in this condition.

Sikata meha

In this condition, the urinary gravels appearing like sand particles are expelled out

Shanir meha

Little by little, repeated, slow urination is seen in this condition.

Alala meha

The urine appears similar to saliva and is slimy in nature.


According to the principles of Ayurvedic treatment an assessment of the dosha imbalance is made. Generally, in all types of prameha (urinary disorders), kapha is vitiated. The aim of the treatment will be to restore it.

Treatment is started with purification therapy (sodhana) in which oil is applied to the body of the patient. This is followed by emetic treatment, to treat excess kapha. Next, desaturation therapies, such as fasting, physical exercise, and herbs, reduce the excess doshas.


Kaphaja Prameha is early diabetes mellitus. You have all the chances of preventing the onset of disease if you discover the early symptoms.

Wondering if you have diabetes or not? Find out with us. 

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