Pittaja Prameha (Diabetes Mellitus)

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Pittaja Pramehs (Diabetes Mellitus)
2 minute read

Living with a disease is scary. There will be lots of restrictions on what to eat and what not to eat. You will start feeling suffocation at one point and want to go back and change all the things that won’t lead to this point in life.

Instead of regretting, start working towards a healthy life. You might now be familiar with Vataja Prameha and Kaphaja Prameha. Now, it’s time to know about Pittaja Prameha. This is known to be the acute form of the three pramehas

Pittaja Prameha

In our body, the circulation of blood and fluids is maintained by Pitta. When Pitta gets affected, the disease becomes difficult to handle as inflammatory changes in various tissues set in.

Pitta is aggravated by the consumption of junk foods and a sedentary lifestyle, it contaminates the fat, flesh, and body fluids causing 6 types of Pittaja Prameha, namely:

  • Kshara meha
  • Kala meha
  • Neela meha
  • Rakta meha
  • Manjista meha
  • Haridra meha
Pittaja Pramehs (Diabetes Mellitus)

Types of Pittaja Prameha 

  1. Kshara meha

The urine color is similar to alkaline solution in odor, color, taste, and texture.

  1. Kala meha

Large quantities of black urine similar to burnt coal is found in this type and is hot on touch.

  1. Neela meha

The urine is blue in color similar to the feather of a Blue jay bird and sour to taste

  1. Rakta meha

The urine has the color and smell of blood and is salty in taste

  1. Manjista meha

Manjista is a drug that gives dark red color juice. In Manjista meha the color of urine is similar to it and it has a very bad smell. 

  1. Haridra meha

The urine will be pungent and dark yellow in color similar to turmeric and it is also associated with burning sensation.

Management of Pittaja Prameha

Treatment of Pittaja Prameha includes herbal medications and decoctions, panchakarma therapy, diet modifications and lifestyle changes. They will also undergo detox and purification procedures.

Pitta people should avoid Kashayams and should take it in tablet form. Pittas are born athletic, therefore there won’t be any calorie changes in diet. Because they have increased metabolism. 

Pittaja Pramehs (Diabetes Mellitus)


Time and again it has been reiterated that Diabetes can be reversed but the effort one takes is negligible. If you want to be healthy, you should make sure your body is functioning properly.

If you can’t do it on your own, then make an appointment with us today. We will help you out.

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