3 Important Facts About Ayurvedic Medicine, that you might NOT be aware of!

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1. Ayurvedic medicine must be taken consistently for better results 2. Ayurvedic medicine do have an expiration date 3. Ayurvedic medicine boosts your immune system and promotes self-healing.
Ayurvedic Medicine Expiration Date
3 minute read

Me: Mom, these medicines are not working, let’s go try Ayurveda for once… 

Mom: Mmm, but Ayurveda??

Can it cure my condition? Does it work instantly? How long should I wait for a good result? Are those reliable medicines? Because I heard our neighbor saying that Ayurvedic medicines don’t have any expiry.

That’s one kind of situation why people hesitate to try Ayurveda.

Sometimes, facts become rumors and rumors become facts. Want to know the actual facts about Ayurvedic Medicines?

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1. Ayurvedic medicines are to be taken consistently for better results

Ayurvedic treatment not only focuses on just medicine supplements. Ayurveda is more than just medicines. Ayurveda is actually about the lifestyle you follow. So, an Ayurvedic physician will always advise you to follow certain lifestyle and diet patterns based on your condition. 

Lifestyle and diet (Ayurvedic medicine)

You don’t catch a cold instantly. Your body faces adverse effects in different situations and these effects keep accumulating leading to severe cold, cough, or even fever at the worst state. Similarly, Ayurvedic medicines take time to heal your disease. This is because they act on the root cause of the disease to bring a complete cure for you. Most Ayurveda medicines are a good example of slow and steady wins the race. Consistency in the usage of medicines leads to sustained effects. This does not mean there are no fast-acting medicines in Ayurveda.

Most diseases in the current days are associated with diet and lifestyle which take a long time to manifest and hence a long time to reverse. So the effect of any Ayurvedic medicine can only be observed if you intake them according to your physician’s advice, i.e, taking the medicines in the right dosage, at the right time for the specified duration.

2. Ayurvedic medicines do have an expiration date

Ayurveda uses natural ingredients like roots, leaves, stem bark, even milk, ghee, etc. for medicine preparation. These ingredients or herbs tend to lose their potency after a while. So there’s an expiry date for most Ayurvedic medicines. The only thing is that the expiration would differ from one to another based on the method of preparation. Some are prepared under high temperatures like boiling, dilution, and extraction while others are prepared under normal circumstances like drying, crushing, and powdering. Some Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring mineral sources after careful purification procedures. When prepared in an ideal way, they are conceived to be having an indefinite shelf-life. 

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Ayurvedic Medicine

3. Ayurvedic medicines boost your immune system and promote self-healing

Once taken, these medicines attract the attention of your immune system to the location of healing. Hence, boosts your immunity and promotes self-healing. In reality, these medicines are actually preparing your body for self-healing, it’s just supporting your immune system with the basic ingredients and strength necessary for the healing process. It stimulates your body as a whole and the individual organs to perform their own natural functions. This is the real meaning of the natural healing process. 

Ayurveda is not just a medicine; it’s a lifestyle!

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