Does Dandruff Cause Hair Fall?

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Ayurvedic care for dandruff
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Are you witnessing any thin white layer of flakes floating down your eyes when you touch your hair or the scalp? If yes, then that is it. 

Congratulations! You have dandruff!!

Hahaha……That was just a joke.

When you enter a college/university from school, you feel a difference in – anything and everything. Generally, that’s called the transition phase. Similarly, from college to professional mode, there’s again a transition happening. If changing to a different place surrounded by various kinds of people can bring a difference or discomfort in oneself, then the changing climate in a year will also bring changes to your body. 

Dandruff is one such condition. It commonly occurs during the transition from winter to summer. It’s nothing but shedding of accumulated dry dead skin from your scalp. 

Dandruff – In Ayurvedic Perspective

Dandruff is caused by fungal infections. 

Isn’t that scary? But don’t worry; it is a common skin condition. According to Ayurveda, dandruff is due to an imbalance in your doshas. The aggravation of Vata causes dandruff. Vata in an imbalanced state causes dryness and hence leads to dandruff.

If your dandruff is dry, light, and flaky then it is due to an imbalance in Pitta-Vata dosha. If dandruff appears to be wet, sticky, and oily, it is due to an imbalance in Kapha-Vata dosha. 

Dandruff, vata aggravated stage

Dandruff is due to various reasons like;

  1. Skin type (oily, dry, wet) and condition (moisture level, dryness, and oil secretion level)
  2. Improper hygienic practice
  3. Mental stress
  4. Diet patterns (unhygienic food, packed foods, carbonated drinks, etc.)
  5. Using hard water to wash hair causes deposits of salts on the scalp, leading to irritation and dandruff.

Accumulation of these dead cells might infect the scalp and harm the root of your hair leading to hair fall. But this may only sometimes be the case. Dandruff alone is not responsible for hair fall. Diet, sleep routines, hormonal balance, etc. are all additional factors that influence hair fall.

How to overcome Dandruff through Ayurveda

overcome dandruff with Ayurveda
  1. Practice a proper and hygienic lifestyle. Wash your hair (scalp) atleast twice a week. 
  2. A healthy diet is a must. The root of hair absorbs nutrients from the scalp to grow. If sufficient nutrients aren’t provided; then it weakens the follicles leading to hair fall and hair loss. 
  3. Take care of your hair based on your skin type. In case of dry skin, apply oil at regular intervals. Oil retains moisture and improves circulation, thereby preventing dryness and repeated occurrences of dandruff.
  4. Overthinking and improper sleep routines due to stress can prevent the absorption of all the healthy food you eat and will stimulate dandruff growth. So follow a regular 7 to 8 hours of sleep and methods to relax your mind to replenish your tired cells.
  5. Avoid too much spicy and sour foods. These can trigger inflammatory responses in your body and prevent it from healing.

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