The Ayurvedic way to get rid of Dandruff – 6 Quick Tips

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Ayurvedic Science - "Dandruff (darunaka) is mainly due to the imbalanced state of Kapha and Vata"
Ayurvedic remedy for dandruff
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Dandruff is something that originates when your skin is flaky and dry.

In your body, your face and head are directly exposed to the outer atmosphere. Hence your facial skin and the scalp have a higher chance of becoming dry, leading to dandruff. 

Dandruff is not a serious issue, yet it disturbs your confidence and creates an embarrassing situation especially when you are at a gathering or a meeting, where your appearance matters as well as your skill.

Amongst all the difficulties, one good thing is that dandruff is controllable and can be cured by taking care of it regularly. Just like you take care of a brand-new car or any special thing close to your heart.

And of course, your hair is also a special thing. Clean and healthy hair gives you comfort, confidence, and courage in whatever work you perform.

Agree or disagree?

I am sure we will all totally agree with this. Because the way our hair looks or feels, sometimes makes us sense certain emotions that are closely connected to the decisions we take at that particular time. If you haven’t observed this before, try observing it the next time. 

So to take the right decision we must experience the right emotions and it becomes essential to take care of this special thing – your hair. A dandruff-free life is always the biggest freedom that one would love to have. 

Here are some common tips based on Ayurvedic concepts that could help you get rid of dandruff.

Maintain proper hygiene – Regular hair wash

Scalp is a very sensitive layer of your head. Washing hair regularly can help you avoid the accumulation of dead skin and dirt causing itchiness and dandruff. Wash your hair atleast twice a week. Normal water is the preferred medium to wash your hair with.  

Maintain proper hygiene (Regular hair wash)

Use herbal pastes to wash hair – Ayurvedic remedies

Most of us use shampoos to wash our hair. Sometimes, the chemicals present in these shampoos are harsh and can cause dryness, itchiness, and irritation leading to dandruff. If you are a dry skinned person by nature, especially during winter, Vata Dosha will aggravate causing you severe dandruff.

Ayurveda often recommends natural herbal pastes like neem paste, Triphala pack, or Triphala kashayam for washing hair.

Use herbal pastes to wash hair (Ayurvedic remedies)

Apply moderate oil for good hair growth

Oil is an essential ingredient for good hair growth. Along with helping to reduce friction with its lubricating quality, regular oil massage nourishes both the hair and scalp. This prevents long-term hair damage and makes it resistant to dust, pollution, and hard water. But apply oil based on your skin condition and necessity. An oily-skinned person would require lesser oil than a dry-skinned person. 

Apply moderate oil for good hair growth

Keep yourself hydrated

Insufficient water for your body plays an important role in promoting dry skin. If your body is not supported with the required amount of water then it leads to dehydration which causes hindrance in your overall health. Sometimes even your sleep gets disturbed. Dehydrated skin is prone to dandruff. So have water as per the physical, mental, and emotional work you perform apart from the standard amount. (about 3.7 liters of water for men and 2.7 liters of water for women per day)

Keep yourself hydrated to avoid dandruff

Avoid eating sour and salty foods

Every Ayurvedic physician would identify the root cause of the disease first and then only they would look into the treatment or therapy that has to be performed. In the case of dandruff, it occurs due to the imbalance in all three doshas. 

Diet is the second thing that Ayurvedic physicians would focus on. If you are suffering from dandruff, avoid eating sour and salty foods like pickles and curd. Unhealthy foods or packed foods high in sugar are to be strictly avoided.  

Avoid eating sour and salty foods

Don’t be a night owl

If your body lacks enough sleep, it affects your hair growth too. Usually, our cells repair and rejuvenate during our sleep hours at night. And if these hours are disrupted, then it means that your scalp cells have failed to rejuvenate or stimulate hair growth contributing to hair fall and dandruff. 

Don’t be a night owl

So avoid staying up late in the night, and also avoid sleeping immediately after food in the afternoon.

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At last, all diseases connect to your gut health. If your gut is perfect, then your skin is healthy, and no worries about dandruff. Commit yourself to keeping your hair healthy and hygienic. Stay confident with a dandruff-free life.

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