6 Simple Ayurvedic Steps To Maintain Your Gut Health

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Sarve rogAh api mande agnau

Meaning: The origin of all diseases is the weakness of digestive fire (Agni) or gut health. 


Have you ever wondered how your gut health is being affected? What is the exact role of digestive fire in maintaining your gut health? Does maintaining a healthy digestive fire help in maintaining a healthy gut?

Find answers to all your questions. Scroll down to read some interesting facts about the relationship between digestive fire and gut health.

Agni (digestive fire) is said to be an important factor for a healthy gut. For generations, it is being said that – who we are will depend on what food we eat – “ahara sambhava vastu” 

To make the body absorb all the necessary nutrients, one must have a healthy digestive system. This is because the benefits of all the nutrients can only be absorbed after complete digestion. A healthy digestive system indicates a complete breakdown and absorption of food taken. But for a complete breakdown of food, Agni is very important. Longevity, strength, good health, motivation, and growth of a person are all primarily administered by a healthy digestive fire. Even a person’s existence is correlated with the presence of Agni. 

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Signs of Good Gut Health

  • Consistent and active energy 
  • Smooth defecation regularly
  • No bloating problems
  • Enthusiastic and energetic mental health
  • Clear mindset
  • Good skin health
  • Strong immunity

People who follow poor food habits are the first ones to get affected by poor gut health. 

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut

How to find out if your gut health is affected or not? Certain symptoms indicate your poor gut health.

  1. Constipation
  2. Diarrhea
  3. A low feeling
  4. Tiredness
  5. Reduced energy level
  6. Indigestion
  7. Mental stress or mental fatigue
  8. Periodic stomach upset
  9. Heartburns
  10. Sleep disturbances
Signs of poor gut health

6 Simple Ayurvedic Steps to Maintain a Healthy Gut

  1. Eat your next meal only after the digestion of the previous meal

It is a normal thing to schedule our meal timing and have three meals a day as per the schedule. But are you eating your food only after the digestion of your previous meal? 

How to find out if my previous meal has been digested or not? 

Clear belching, no taste or smell of the previous meal, and a feeling of full energy all indicate that proper digestion has happened. Having your meal only after the digestion of the previous meal will automatically regulate your natural urges and make you feel light and energetic. This will also stimulate your appetite at the right time.

  1. Always fill your stomach with home-made foods prepared based on seasons

Home-made foods prepared by your mother are always the most delicious ones. Because it is not only prepared hygienically; it also contains an extra ingredient called “mom’s love”. 

Consume food according to the seasons. For example, in winter you might feel more hungry. So take heavy foods like Pongal, poori, etc. to satisfy your appetite. Whereas in summer, due to the hot climate you might not feel very hungry rather you tend to feel more thirsty. So during summer, take light foods like idiyappam (string hopper), appam (a thin pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk), etc.

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  1. Consume foods according to your taste and in a healthy way

Eat warm foods made with oil/ghee which adds a greasy nature to your meal. Prefer having liquid or soupy foods. Include soups, buttermilk, or rasam (Indian spicy soup) in your regular meal. Avoid consuming dry foods.

Have your food based on your appetite level. Consume the right quantity of food at the right time. 

  1. Concentrate while eating 

Always focus your mind on your food while eating. A preoccupied mind, overthinking, emotions like anger and sadness overloaded, scrolling videos on your mobile, or chatting over the phone will all disturb your concentration on the food you eat. And this surely disturbs your digestion.

Avoid drinking too much water before or after the meal. Take sips of water in between meals.

Concentrate while eating to maintain a good gut health
  1. Chew your food well before swallowing 

It is said that “digestion starts from your mouth”. While chewing, the saliva gets mixed up with your food and this saliva helps in good digestion.

  1. Never keep your stomach 100% full 

Divide the stomach portion into three parts. One part is for solid food, another part is for liquid food and the third part is for air flow. 

The above are some simple steps to keep your gut healthy and happy. Have you ever felt that happiness your gut feels after a complete meal? Your gut can indeed sense happiness. So keep your gut happy and healthy. 

A happy gut will support you in maintaining a focused mind and energetic body!

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