You have to open up to the right person expert

Your mental pain, loss of appetite, anger, stress, anxiety, and depression are real. Seeking help from experts helps you to align your thoughts, find happiness, and gain self-confidence.

You Talk, We'll Listen

Talking to random people is a temporary band-aid, but opening up to psychotherapists will put an end to your never-ending emotional pain.

Treatment Methods

Use personalized Ayurvedic regime – Dinacharyam to achieve your personal & professional goals

Regulating Sleep Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda regulates your sleep pattern to balance the serotonin and dopamine (hormones that are responsible for your happiness) in your body and thus inducing a firm growth in your emotional intelligence.


It’s a  comprehensive treatment method where your behaviour patterns are analyzed (psychoanalysis). We focus on changing problematic behaviours, feelings, and thoughts by discovering your unconscious meanings and motivations behind them. 

Marma Therapy

Varma therapy, a branch of Siddha, has a way to manage depression without intake of pills, medicine or drugs. This form of treatment shows positive, quick relief on people who have trauma for a prolonged period. 

You Can...

De-stress the Distress

Learn how to manage differences of opinions with your loved ones.

Work Better

Gain back your self-confidence, ignite your passion, and excel in your professional goals


Sleep Better

Break your night time mobile addiction and end your insecure procrastinations.


Practice self love and care to kill the creeping loneliness in your life.

Herbal Supplements For Your Emotional Well-Being

Ogestern Lehyam​

Sleep Regulator & Stress Buster


Mind relaxant & Insomnia management

Ayurvedic Treatment Center For Stress & Depression

You can meet your Ayurveda doctor directly in one of our Ayurvedic center.

Managing Stress-Ayurvedic way

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