Free Yourself from the Discomfort of Heartburns

Check if your everyday acidity before it takes serious turn to GERD.

When to see an Ayurveda doctor for GERD?

If you experience…

  • Sour taste in your mouth in the mornings
  • Chest pains or it feels like burning after every meal
  • Nausea when you wake up

Or if your antacids are causing kidney damage.


Treatment Methods

Use personalized Ayurvedic regime – Dinacharyam to achieve your personal & professional goals

Prakriti Analysis

Your body-mind constitution type allows for the personalized approach. This helps to find your general nature of the digestive fire, and framing a treatment plan adapting to your lifestyle 

Pacifying Your Pittam

Acid reflux can be controlled by neutralizing the excessive Pittam in your body with Ayurveda treatments such as, sattvik aahar, internal cleansing and herbal supplements. 

Adjusting Your Lifestyle Routine

You can build a lifestyle routine with the support of lifestyle experts without having to compromise on your career, relationships and personal goals.


The Right Time To See Doctor

When you feel a sour taste in your mouth or nauseated in the morning and chest pains, or burning sensation after every meal.

Stop The Burns Now

No More Heartburns

Your frequent heartburns after every meal will not occur anymore. You can feel light after your happy meal-time.

Wake Up Happily

The morning nausea is never a problem anymore. All of those sour taste when you wake up will be gone with no trace 

Goodbye to Bad Breath

No more smelling like your food. With the ayurveda treatment procedure, your bad breath will be removed because of the reduced toxicity level.

Prevent Chronic Coughs & Chest Pain

Along with the chest pain your chronic dry coughs can also be controlled because of the “saatvik aahar” treatment procedure.

Herbal Supplements


Regulates your digestion

Giloy Water

Controls your internal inflammation

Ayurvedic Treatment Center for GERD

You can meet your Ayurveda doctor directly in one of our Ayurvedic center.

GERD - All You Need To Know

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