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Kabasura shots is an instant Kabasura Kudineer, a classical medicine from the Siddha system is known boosting immunity against cough, cold, fever etc. It is recommended by TN GOVT to boost immunity against the novel coronavirus. Kabasura shots give you the convenience of preparing an immunity drink in an instant

50 gms

  • Kabasura Shots, instant immunity drink, helps to treat cough, cold and body shivering conditions. Acts as an immunity booster and can also be used as instant ayurvedic tea.  
  • Restore your body’s natural immunity and protect them from harmful toxins and infections anywhere anytime.
  • No more worry about cough and nasal congestion. Helps in relieving the symptoms of flu, common cold and wide range of viral fevers on the go. 
  • This herbal tea helps in regulating your immunity with help of 15 natural herbs and boosts your immune system without any side effects and can be prepared anywhere with just a glass of hot water.
  • LiveRight Kabasura Shots is prepared with the original Sastric Siddha Guidelines and therefore it can be intaken as regular immunity supplement during the flu and infectious season
  • Kicks out your fever, soothes irritation, watering in eyes, control throat infection, relieves body pain and also avoids the infection from spreading to your lower respiratory tract. 

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Kabasura Shots is a product developed with the guidelines of classic siddha medicine Kabasura Kudineer which is used in the treatment for a wide range of fevers. The herbal immunity boosting drug is a fine chooranam , i.e, fine powder of 15 herbs, originally written in the Sastric preparation. Although it is called a fever healing medicine, it has high efficacy in boosting the natural immunity of the body. 








1 Glass Of Hot Water 

Take 1 glass of hot water, it can be roughly between 150 -200 ml.






1 Small Spoon Choornam

Add 1 spoon of fine chooranam of Kabasura Shots to the glass of hot water






1 Big Stir 

Give a nice gentle but big and firm stir with the spoon to mix the chooranam into the water.







1 Final Shake

Don’t throw the settled light precipitation. Shake the glass well and do a one-shot drink. 







Kabasura Kudineer is one of the immunity boosters which is widely used by the people. Kabasura shots help you to take care of your immune system instantly. It takes less than 3 minutes to prepare this drink. natural-immunity-drink

This herbal tea kind of drink which helps in protecting your upper respiratory tract from catching an infection and also cares as a natural cough syrup can be prepared in a couple of minutes with just a glass of hot water. 


Kabasura Shots is the best medicine for healing and also protecting you from fever. The 15 natural herbs are finely ground so that intaking them like herbal tea daily is now easy and quick.


Adathodai Elai 6.60%, Akkirakaram Ver 6.60%, Karpooravalli Elai 6.60%, Thippilli 6.60%, Seenthil Kodi 6.60%, Korai Kizhangu 6.60%, Siruthekku 6.60% ,Kostam 6.60%, Nilavembu Samoolam 6.60%, Kadukkai Thol 6.60%, Ilavangam 6.60%, Mullai Ver 6.60%, Vettathiruppi ver 6.60%, Chukku 6.60% & Siru Kanjori 6.60%



Immune Booster For Singles

During the flu season or infectious period, just like your mother, Kabasura Shots acts as a natural care immune booster. You don’t have to worry about boiling, straining or running your time while preparing the Kabasura Kudineer.  These finely powdered immunity shots offer a shield to our body’s natural immunity.


Immunity Anywhere Anytime

Protecting your immune system is vital during any season of the year. Kabasura Shots can act as a natural care tea to your body anytime. It is easy to prepare anywhere and anytime. All you need is just a glass of hot water.


Protective Zip Lock

LiveRight Kabasura Shots, is a fine Choornam, prepared as per the Sastric Siddha Guidelines comes in a cute Ziplock which protects your choornam. You can use it and lock your immunity pouch and put it inside your bag without worrying about spilling.


For the New-Normal

The decoction can be intaken as regular immunity in the form of ayurvedic tea or herbal tea. This instant immunity drink will solve the problem of worrying about your immunity. Now you can go to work without pressure.


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