Nilavembu Kudineer -Choornam


Nilavembu Kudineer will provide an effective remedy for a range of fevers, fatigueness and it helps in boosting immunity.  

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Helps to treat

  1. Provides effective remedy to range of fevers
  2. Helps in boosting immunity 
  3. Removes the fatigueness 
  4. Relieves body pain, headache and energy loss
  5. Reduces the toxins present in the body

Preparation: Add 5g of Nilavembu Choornam to 300 ml of water and boil till the liquid reduces to half parts.

Usage: 10ml twice a day as directed by the Physician

100 gms

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Nilavembu is a green plant and is native to India. This plant comprises an active constituent known as Andrographolide. It is an “immunomodulant” molecule. The reason behind Nilavembu being a potent Siddha medicine against fever is because of this element. The herbal plant, Nilavembu, exerts antipyretic property. Antipyretic medicine reduces fever or inflammation.


  1. Nilavembu Samoolam
  2. Vettiver
  3. Vilaminchaver
  4. Sandhanam
  5. Peipudal Samoolam
  6. Korai Kizhangu
  7. Sukku
  8. Milagu
  9. Parapatakam


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