Eastern M+


Eastern M+ is formulated with unique herbal ingredients that are proved  to enhance the cognition and memory.

  • Made of 100% herbal ingredients
  • Natural, Effective and Safe for all ages

This is not a substitute for professional medical consultation, do not self medicate.

Consult our Ayurveda doctors – for improving memory

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Ancient Indian lifestyle gave high importance for learning and memorising scriptures, texts and other forms of knowledge. Hence the system of medicine Ayurveda mentions special medicines under the category Medhya which promote intellect. They enhances memory, rejuvenate mental health and brings calmness to mind for better concentration.

Key Ingredients

Eastern M Granules is enriched with Medhya herbs like Brahmi, jyothismati, Aparajit etc. which are lauded by Ayurvedic scriptures for their ability to increase comprehension, concentration and recollection.

Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi): Well acclaimed Cognitive/ memory enhancer, promotes nerve repair

Cleastrus paniculatus (Jyotismati): Known to nourish the brain and improve memory functions

Clitoria ternatea (Aparajit): Reduces anxiety bring a calmness to mind, promotes intellect

Emblica officinalis (Amla): Anti oxidant, immune stimulant and a rich source of vitamins

Contact our doctors – for improving memory


1 teaspoon 2 times a day with milk, after food or as directed by Physician.


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