PCOS & PCOD Ayurveda Treatment

Regulate your menstrual cycle with a customized treatment plan specific to your symptoms. Ayurveda brings long-term management procedures that will enable you to live without worrying about the social and physical stresses you face because of PCOS & PCOD.


Controlling Secondary Disorders

Eliminate the harmful risks such as Type – 2 diabetes, acne, hair growth, and obesity with help of Ayurveda treatment methods that focus on cyst dissolution.

Curative & Preventive Therapies

You can cure PCOS & PCOD completely and also prevent them from happening shortly with help of the herbal formulations that can maintain your hormones at optimal levels.


Treatment Procedure

Use personalized Ayurvedic regime – Dinacharyam to achieve your personal & professional goals

Addressing The Root

Ayurveda identifies the root and directs the medical solution towards it. Once the core problem is solved, symptoms disappear without a trace. This also acts as a preventive treatment.

Lifestyle Corrections

We can enable a personalized lifestyle plan that will conveniently sit in your schedule and drive your days towards balancing hormones.

Therapeutic Yoga

Lose the weight, manage the stress and restore your ovulation process with carefully built therapeutic yoga and meditation.

Emotional Support & Care

LiveRight offers a holistic treatment care to turn around your Stress, mood swings, anxiety that arise because of your imbalanced hormones.


Ayurveda is the only treatment method that can offer a permanent cure provided you are committed to the lifestyle, diet, exercise recommendations. The treatment methods vary depending upon the size of the ovary and the chronic level of the PCOD.

It depends on the size of the ovary, your dosha levels, and the intensity of the symptoms. But however, you can expect a progressive output and feel the difference in 3-6 months.

The treatment line is 100% herbal formulations that keep you safe from adverse effects. Medicines or treatment procedures will not release any harmful effects on your body.

PCOD – Menstrual disorder (irregular periods) accompanied with secondary symptoms of the condition (male pattern hair growth, weight gain, pigmentation)

PCOS – Secondary symptoms of the condition (male pattern hair growth, weight gain, pigmentation) without the menstrual disorder.

Some rare cases have surgery, drilling the ovary. But Ayurveda doesn’t recommend any type of surgery. It is a completely non-invasive treatment. The cysts and ovaries are treated through the customized line of treatment depending on your Prakriti and dosha levels.

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