Ayurveda at Work

Build a lifestyle at the workplace that lets all your employees get along with each other without any preconceived notions.

Happy employees, happy clients, happy reviews & happy revenues. It is possible to get this in your company also.

Bring the Mindfulness To Practice

Allow your team to have space where they can breathe, bring and build the products or services you desire

Corporate Wellness

Team Strengthening

Communication Corrections

Enhancing Cognitive Skills

From Distress to Eustress

Stress is real and essential. LiveRight focuses on channeling the stress into positive stream flow thereby your employees have the self-drive, leadership but with a more calm mindset.

Employ Zen

It is no more about just soft skill training, stress management sessions, or strategizing the operations. LiveRight helps implement everything into practice because we focus on your people before the process.


Ayurvedic Center For Workplace Wellness

You can meet your Ayurveda doctor directly in one of our Ayurvedic center.

Stress Is Good

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