I was more than just cured.
I got more than just treatment.

Hey, I am Hari V Narayanan, founder of the brand LiveRight— my Ayurveda family for you. There are so many treatments and healthcare methods available, but it’s just I happen to love Ayurveda a little extra.


The right way to live is, doing it your way.

Because when you do it your way, irrespective of success or failure, you get happiness in it. LiveRight breathes life into this idea by borrowing the Ayurveda scriptures that are proven to give hearty health, happy life, and a successful career.

The Team

V Hari Narayanan

Director Ram-Nath & Co Pvt Ltd, Co-Founder LiveRight

The Leader That Every Startup Needs.

Coming from a chemical engineering background, Hari’s 27 years at Ram-Nath crowned the firm with 77 years of glory in the chemical industry. When his health took a hit because of facial paralysis, he was more than just influenced by Ayurveda. This experience converted him from being a firm believer in Ayurveda into someone who felt the need to share with others the benefits of Ayurveda and help them harvest health & well being. This is the genesis of our business in Ayurveda.

K.A. Srinivasan

Director Ram-Nath & Co Pvt Ltd, Co-Founder LiveRight

The Visionary & Missionary

Before taking up Ram-Nath’s C-Suite, Srinivasan had a decade of experience in sales, product development, and people management. Srinivasan’s laser focus, practical approach, and Ayurvedic lifestyle pushed him to take LiveRight as his second innings project. Summing up all, it is evident that the founder is not just here for business but to touch people’s lives in all possible ways with help of a holistic approach via LiveRight.


Bringing Ayurveda & other native medical system physicians with almost 20+ years of experience in handling all kinds of health issues successfully.


Ayurveda treatment procedures in our treatment facility accord with the Sastric Guidelines of Ayurveda. They give advanced results to your health concerns and make you completely pill-free.


It is no ordinary patient-doctor relationship. A little extra warmth, unconditional care, and an empathetic approach are shown to you in all possible ways with quick response time.

What Do We Do

Cure chronic ailments

balnce life-work

Balance your life and work

personalized lifestyle

Create personalize lifestyle

rekindle your marriage

Rekindle your marriage