Charcoal Soap (Pack of 2)


Handmade Ayurvedic Soap

  • Very mild and gentle exfoliation keeping your skin away from dryness, bacterias and other toxic impurities.
  • During the summer, protects your skin from intense sun damages and other harmful UV rays.
  • 100% natural ingredients to keep your body and face safe from toxins.
  • Contains the richness of french clay and charcoal that helps for smooth skin.
  • Removes blemishes and acne marks when used regularly.

1 review for Charcoal Soap (Pack of 2)

  1. Shivadharani

    Best Charcoal Soap for Oily Skin
    One of the most fantastic products I have ever tried. The smell of this charcoal soap is really good and so refreshing. Bought a pack of 2, just to give it a try. But now, I am getting so attracted to it. I can feel my skin being smooth and soft for the entire day. Excellent for oily skin.

    A pack of 2 is enough for a month if you are a person who baths twice a day :), really recommend this charcoal soap to everyone.

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