Kabasura Shots-50gm


Immunity Booster & Ayurvedic Natural Care Tea For Cough & Immunity

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  • Kabasura shots also known as instant kabasura kudineer helps to treat cough, cold and body shivering conditions with instant preparation. Acts as an immunity booster and can also be used as herbal tea on daily basis.
  • LiveRight Kabasura shots is prepared with the expert Siddha & Ayurveda researchers guidelines and therefore it can be intaken as regular immunity supplement during the flu and infectious season
  • No more worry about cough and nasal congestion. You can get instant relief on the symptoms of flu, common cold and wide range of viral fevers.

Instant Kabasura Kudineer For Immunity

  • It can be prepared in less than 3 minutes and feel the relief within 5 minutes.
  • Restore your body’s natural immunity in a natural way and protect them from harmful toxins and infections.
  •  This herbal tea helps in regulating your immunity with the help of 15 natural herbs and boosts your immune system without any side effects.
  • Kicks out your fever, soothes irritation, watering in eyes, controls throat infection, relieves body pain and also avoids the infection from spreading to your lower respiratory tract.


Kabasura Choornam is fondly called as fever healer in Siddha system of medicine. At ancient times when there was a viral outbreak or pandemic, fever is one common symptom which accompanies all the outbreaks and kabasura kudineer is given to control the transmission of the infection across the body.

Kabasura shots is an instant kabasura Kudineer that provides effective remedy for fevers, shivering, cough, nasal congestion, body pain, diarrhoea and watering in eyes.

‘Kabasura Kudineer’ is a preventive measure that controls the spread of infectious fever, common cold and other forms of flu. This kudineer has been suggested by the Siddha practitioners in 2015 while the rapid spread of swine flu was happening in 2015. TN govt has endorsed Kabasura Kudineer under Arogyam Scheme for COVID-19 pandemic management.


Adathodai Elai 6.60%, Akkirakaram Ver 6.60%, Karpooravalli Elai 6.60%, Thippilli 6.60%, Seenthil Kodi 6.60%, Korai Kizhangu 6.60%, Siruthekku 6.60% ,Kostam 6.60%, Nilavembu Samoolam 6.60%, Kadukkai Thol 6.60%, Ilavangam 6.60%, Mullai Ver 6.60%, Vettathiruppi ver 6.60%, Chukku 6.60% & Siru Kanjori 6.60%


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