Underarm Pigmentation Removal Roll-on


Nalpamaradi Pigmentation Remover


Underarm darkening occurs due to shaving, waxing, friction from wearing tight clothes, improper exfoliation, and chemical irritants in deodorants or antiperspirants. Nalpamaradi Underarm roll-on This underarm lightening roll-on is completely Ayurvedic. It does not contain any chemicals or added fragrances and essential oils. This Ayurvedic roll-on contains the ficus group (Udumbra, Nyagodradhha, Plaksha, and Aswatha) which causes skin lightening. Apart from these it also contains Manjista, Sevya, Triphala, and Kushta which are good for the skin as they improve blood circulation. The turmeric present in it regulates melanin production, the pigment responsible for dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Chandana lightens the dark underarm plus reduces the underarm odor by eliminating the odor-producing bacteria. This is a night-only product because the turmeric present in it will cause staining of clothes. Get smooth and even-toned underarm with 15 days of regular use.


Lightens the underarm region: The ficus groups (Udumbra, Nyagodradhha, Plaksha, and Aswatha) cause skin lightening.

Reduces skin irritation: The presence of Amalaki and Vibhitaki which has anti-oxidant property controls skin inflammation and infections.

Makes skin soft and smooth: Chandana, Kushta, and Manjista are good for the skin and also control odor.

Visible changes within 15 days of continuous usage: Regular usage of the Nalpamaradi Underarm Roll-on will give you the desired results of even-toned underarm.

Nighttime usage: There is no need for re-application in frequent durations. Regular night usage is enough.

How To Use?

Fresh start: Take a bath at night and clean your underarm with bathing soap.

Wipe dry: Dry the underarm with a cotton towel.

Apply smoothly: Swipe the ball back and forth over the darkened area evenly about 3-4 times.

Next morning: Take a fresh shower in the morning and head out with confidence!


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