Ayurvedic Tips To Regulate Healthy Vaginal Discharge

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A clear or milk-white fluid excreted through the vagina in women is called the vaginal discharge or the white discharge.
Ayurvedic Tips To Regulate Healthy Vaginal Discharge
4 minute read

In this modern era, unhealthy lifestyles and diet practices are the major reasons for various health problems. Abnormal vaginal discharge is also one on the list. This blog will answer why white discharge happens, how to find it, and the home remedies to solve it.

Normal vaginal discharge helps you keep your vagina clean, protects the vagina from infections and germs, and also aids in lubrication during sexual intercourse. Vaginal discharge is a natural process, unless and until you witness any abnormal changes in color, smell, texture, and quantity of the discharge.

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4 Important Features to Observe in Vaginal Discharge


Clear or milk-white color is the normal color of vaginal discharge. In some cases, the discharge appears to be pink or brown color spots. In pregnant women, due to implantation bleeding their discharge appears to be pink. And brown spots are found in the discharge of individuals suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. Under abnormal conditions, the vaginal discharge appears to be green, grey, or yellow. 


The vaginal discharge excreted immediately after menstruation appears to be thin, whereas the discharge excreted during the time of ovulation appears to be thick. These discharge textures are normal and don’t trouble you with any discomfort. 

But if your vaginal discharge is too thick like curd causing itching or irritation, then you must be aware that these symptoms are due to vaginal infections.


Normal vaginal discharge is odorless. But in some cases, a mild odor is sensed but not a foul smell that makes you feel unpleasant. 

If your vagina is infected then you will be able to recognize a deep foul-smelling vaginal discharge making you feel unpleasant.


The quantity of discharge varies from one woman to another. Generally during ovulation, pregnancy, or when birth control pills are used, the vaginal discharge quantity remains high. Apart from these situations if you find a sudden increase in discharge quantity for no reason then the condition is not normal. 

Now you might have a clear view of normal and abnormal conditions of a vaginal discharge. Suppose you find abnormal discharge color, texture, smell, or quantity along with itching, irritation, inflammation, or pain in your vaginal region. In that case, you must immediately consult your doctor and get treated.

4 Hygienic Practices to Prevent & Cure Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Proper hygiene solves half your problem because unhealthy hygienic practices always pay way to damage and discomfort. Here are some simple practices that help you keep your vagina healthy;

  • Avoid wearing wet or tight undergarments. The material of the undergarment also plays an important role. Undergarments made of cotton are preferable.
  • Always swipe front to back while washing your vagina and wipe them dry.
  • Remember to replace your napkins at the right time during menstrual period.
  • Follow safe sexual practices to prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections)

Ayurvedic Remedy: When you see mild infection in your vagina, then prepare Triphala kashayam and use it for external vaginal washing.

4 Healthy Drinks to Control Excess Vaginal Discharge


Buttermilk (a drink to reduce excess vaginal discharge)

Prepare a glass of buttermilk by mixing one cup of curd with four cups of water. You can add coriander seed powder or fenugreek seeds to enrich your buttermilk drink.


Rice water (a drink to reduce excess vaginal discharge)

Take 10-20 grams of unpolished rice and add eight times more water to it. Soak the rice overnight. Now, strain and collect the rice water separately. Excellent! Your glass of rice water is now ready to be served.


Coriander seed water (a drink to reduce excess vaginal discharge)

What’s that? Are we preparing a drink using coriander seeds? 

Yes, of course. And in the same way just like we prepared our rice water. Take 10 -20 grams of coriander seeds and add eight times more water to it. Soak the seeds overnight. Now, strain and collect the water separately. How cool! Not just the preparation but the drink served also cools your body.


Amla juice (a drink to reduce excess vaginal discharge)

Cut small pieces of amla fruit and grind them to prepare your juice. Add the required amount of salt to it and now it’s perfectly ready to be served. It is one of the best drinks to boost your immune system.

Make sure to include any one of these drinks in your daily diet.

4 Dietary and Lifestyle Practices to Reduce Vaginal Discharge


Dhanurasana to reduce vaginal discharge.

Here are some recommended asanas that you can include in your daily exercise routine – Bhujangasana, Bhadrasana, Paschimottanasana, Vajrasana, and Dhanurasana.


Water-rich vegetables (diet to reduce excess vaginal discharge)

All varieties of green leafy vegetables (spinach) and fruits can be included in your regular meal. Take more water-rich vegetables like calabash (surakkai), snake gourd (pudalangai), etc. 

Strictly avoid fast foods, carbonated soft drinks, and processed and packaged foods.


Meditation to reduce excess vaginal discharge

Do meditation regularly to manage stress.


Good sleep to regulate abnormal vaginal discharge

Maintain good sleep hygiene to regulate your hormonal secretions properly.

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These are some healthy Ayurvedic remedies that help reduce and control abnormal or excess vaginal discharge. Moreover, such abnormal vaginal discharge can be easily prevented and cured when treated early. So never ignore your symptoms. Immediately consult your doctor and get treated. 

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