Ayurveda is slow

< 1 minute read
< 1 minute read

“Ayurveda is slow”

It’s a common accusation levelled at the ancient system of medicine.

It stems from a serious misunderstanding. And a distorted observation based on an unreasonable comparison

Ayurveda addresses the root of the condition or disease the patient is suffering from. This is not done overnight.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to solving the problem, not just a quick fix at the surface level. This takes time.

Ayurvedia practitioners study the dosha type of the person, the dietary habits, bowel movements and sleep patterns among others before diagnosing what regimen works best for that type. This takes time.

Often, most patients give Ayurveda a shot as a last resort, after every other ‘pathy’ has failed. So by the time they turn to ayurveda, the condition has grown into unmanageable proportions. To undo the damage done by other medications and for the ayurvedic procedure to take effect, it takes time.

In short, to remove the root cause of the disease takes time as opposed to treating just the symptoms.

The question is, do you have the time for a total cure?

Or do you merely want symptomatic relief?

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