Healthy Food Habit

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Healthy Food Habit

How much should we eat?

Eating lesser than the required amount of food will lead to Lethargy and malnutrition whereas having excess quantity will create heaviness and obesity. It is generally advised that we must eat food until our hunger is satisfied. It should not cause heaviness after the meal. Ayurveda recommends filling one-third of the stomach with solid food, one third with liquid, and leaving one-third empty to facilitate digestion.

We have heavy foods and light foods, it is recommended to have light food more and limit the intake of heavy foods.

Heavy foods: Wheat, mutton, fish, dates, Milk (cow & buffalo), dairy products, sesame, honey,  onion, garlic, sweets, etc.
Light foods: Green gram, goat milk, chickpea, lentils, cumin lemon, pomegranate, buttermilk, hot-water, etc.

Our eating habits are influenced by the food we select, timing, and frequency of meals. How you eat is as important 1as what you eat. Here are some suggestions for healthy eating, Let’s dig a little deeper into these factors:

Healthy Food Habit

Healthy Food Habit

1: Take foods according to your body structure and Pick foods according to the season. It will nourish you and not aggravate your doshas.

2: Eat fresh, sattvi food of the best quality you can afford.

3: Do not eat unless you feel hungry, Do not drink unless you feel thirsty. If you are hungry and you drink instead of eating, the liquid will dissolve the digestive enzymes and reduce your gastric fire.

4: While eating doesn’t watch TV, read, or be distracted by too much conversation. Focus on the food.

5: Eat at a moderate speed. Don’t gobble your food.

6: Eat in moderate quantity. Overeating creates toxins in the digestive tract.

7: During meals, don’t drink iced drink or fruits juice, sip a little warm water between mouthfuls of food.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

1: Drinking too much water, or no water, during a meal.

2: Drinking very chilled water during a meal or indeed at any time.

3: Eating when constipated

4: Eating at the wrong time of day, either too early or too late.

5: Eating too much much heavy food or too little light food.

6: Eating fruit or drinking fruit or drinking fruit juice with a meal.

Gradually adopt these eating habits and start trying to avoid unhealthy food habit.

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