Ayurveda Health Tips For Rainy Season

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2 minute read

Ayurveda Health Tips For Rainy Season

Rainy season is an essential time to take proper care of your health. While some types of food are good to have during the rainy season, we need to limit certain food and other habits.

Impact of Dosha on a rainy season – Vata accumulated during the summer gets aggravated during the rainy season.  Pitta accumulates due to the acidic atmosphere and weak digestion but gets aggravated when the heat sets in again.

All activities should aim for pacifying the Vata and to keep pitta under control. The body would become weak in general.

1. Weak digestion

2. Weak immunity

3. Weak body strength

Rainy Season diet
Food to have during rainy season:

1. Consume light and fresh food

2. Ginger with a pinch of black salt will improve the appetite and aids digestion

3. Grains, Rice, Wheat, Barley, soup of pulses, buttermilk, honey

4. Add ginger and green gram in the food

5. Food having slight sour, sweet and salty taste.

6. Use boiled and cooled water for drinking

Food to avoid during the rainy season

1. Food that effects Vata and Pitta have a bitter, hot and astringent taste

2. Potato, horse gram, curd, red meat etc are heavy to digest. Excess intake of these may cause gastritis, bloating.

3. Avoid uncooked foods and salads. Blanched vegetables can be used.

4. Frozen food and ice creams.

Health tips for rainy season:

1. Skin infections and itching are common health problems in a rainy season, it is ideal to add 1 or 2 spoons of neem oil with a bottle sesame oil and use this for a massage before bath, at least once a week.

2. Those who are prone to get joint pains and arthritis, better to avoid sitting or lying down on the floor.

3. Skin contact with a cold surface will cause tremendous Vata increase, leading to aggravation of pain, preferably wear footwear inside the home during the rainy season.

4. Foot care for diabetics – Because the feet tend to get wet all the time, it is very important for everybody and especially diabetics to take a special foot care. As and when feet get wet, make sure to dry them immediately.

5. Cut your nails very frequently, moisture between them can cause infection.

6. Avoid sleep soon after food during the rainy season, it worsens the indigestion problem.

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