Should Adults Drink Milk ??

2 minute read
2 minute read
Should elder drink milk?

Recently a friend asked whether he can drink milk, I was wondering why anyone would have a doubt like that. It comes out that he read a health magazine which says that milk can only be digested by an infant, adults lack the enzymes necessary for digesting it.

He wanted the views of Ayurveda on the usage of Milk. It is a part of our food and tradition for centuries, so what changed now? Ayurveda does not consider the action of any particular protein or how it is digested, instead, it considers the overall effect of the food item in the body. So it gives the properties of the food irrespective of what it contained, hence we have a different action for milk, Curd, butter, Buttermilk etc.

Milk is generally good for all healthy people, it is cooling, rejuvenating and increases life expectancy. But there are conditions where it is contraindicated.

1. Allergy to milk or Lactose intolerance

2. Obese person

3. During Kapha imbalance

4. Low digestive power

Benefits of drinking milk

Cow milk calms Vata and Pitta but increases Kapha.

1. It nourishes the body tissues (dhathu vardhaka)

2. Serves as a natural Aphrodisiac.

3. Good for injured and weak.

4. Activates Ojas (immunity builder).

5. Has a cooling effect on the body and mind.

6. Improves life expectancy, intelligence, and strength.

It is best to avoid a cold glass of milk and switch to having it warm. When paired with incompatible foods; may not get digested and leads to building up of toxins in the body. It can be used along with compatible foods like warm milk are rice, cream of wheat, dates, and almonds.

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