Detoxify and cleanse your system this Navaratri

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2 minute read

The Auspicious occasion of Navaratri has begun along with the tradition of fasting and prayers. Devotees all over the country observe a nine-day fast that cleanses both the body and mind. Though many people fast for religious reasons, many people also take up fasting during Navaratri to detoxify their bodies and cut back on the accumulated calories.

Nevertheless, it is vital to keep up the health during these nine long days of fasting, and here is how you do it:

#1 Stay hydrated:

While fasting during Navaratri, it is vital to stay hydrated. Nourishing drinks such as coconut water, fresh fruits juices,buttermilk, and so on. Having these liquids in the diet menu also adds variety to the menu. At the same time, avoid drinking too much coffee or tea as it can leave you dehydrated and thirsty.

#2 Catch the shut-eye:

Festive celebrations can be exhausting at times, and when combined with fasting, it tends to take a toll on your energy levels. Make sure to get the proper amount of rest and sleep during this nine-day period. Moreover, if you are on an exercise regimen, tailor it to suit your fasting pattern as heavy workouts could lead to a total burnout or fainting.

[tds_council]  Prolonged fasting is not good for health. Have some fresh fruits or nuts in regular intervals[/tds_council]

#3 No to fried and processed food items:

While fasting during Navaratri, we often make the mistake of binging on oily and fried snacks. This action could be more detrimental to your body than help in sating your hunger pangs. As these processed and fried foods are high in salt, it could hinder the detoxification process of the fast. It is best to indulge in these foods in moderation. It is also best to restrict your sugar intake as it will transform into empty calories. Alternatives such as Jaggery and Honey are a better option.

#4 Indulge in fiber-rich foods:

Fiber-rich foods such as potato,pumpkin, bottle gourd, raw banana, and others can be included in your Navaratri diet menu. The reason behind this inclusion of fiber-rich foods, both vegetables and grains are that they take a long time to digest. Meaning, you will have full stomach and not succumb to cravings.

[tds_council]  Fiber-rich foods aid in maintaining optimum blood sugar levels[/tds_council]

Furthermore, it is crucial that you maintain your energy levels to go on about your daily tasks. Having a balanced diet filled with vegetables, fiber-rich foods, seasonal fruits, and liquids areessential. For example, balance a heavy lunch with a light dinner.

Fasting during Navaratri even comes with another advantage, and it preps your body for the upcoming seasonal changes. Having a sattvic diet along with the proper amount of rest and simple exercises such as yoga and meditation can aid achieving your objective

However, as Ayurveda propounds the concept of Prakriti, a standard diet plan will not be of use. Connect with our panel of doctors here at LiveRight Ayurveda to know about your uniqueness. Our doctors will guide you in devising the best diet plan this Navaratri.

LiveRight wishes you all a Healthy and Happy Navaratri.

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