How to fight coronavirus infection?

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How to fight coronavirus infection ?
5 minute read


Coronavirus – COVID 19 

The most searched term in google. Nobody would have thought a virus would create so much ruckus. 

We humans are always boasting about how much we have evolved. Our pride in sending satellites, launching missiles, and threatening a fellow human is unmatchable. “No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed”. This is a verse from an English pop song, which proves humans are greedy irrespective of their background. 

In every evolution, there was growth and progress for  “operational frameworks” but the emergence of humanity, inner peace and wisdom remained void. 

To make daily routines easy, we desired machines, 

To make the machine work, we desired technology, 

To make the technology powerful, we desired an AI brain. 


Now we have forgotten that we already have a brain that was never unlocked. 

Coronavirus Infection is a Global Threat

The result of this enhanced evolution is “Global Risks”. The World Economic Forum published a global threats report after a detailed analysis with the global experts from various domains. The threats are grouped into geopolitical instability, economical concerns, biodiversity loss, creaking health systems, Technological Governance Deficits.

Every decade, we have an environmental threat and we can’t find a permanent solution to this outbreak. It is like we are adding precipitation in a bottle. Imagine what happens when the bottle gets filled up.

Buy a fresh bottle?

What if there is no fresh bottle? 

The world is in crisis because of an invisible organism AKA COVID-19. 

Abundant technology, renowned global leaders or the brave army can’t kill this virus. So does it mean we have hit the end of the world? 

Absolutely not!

So how do we put the full stop?

Virus is not a terrorist, you can’t  shoot it to kill. COVID-19 is like Hydra; the scary monster that multiplies every time it is killed.

How to fight coronavirus infection?

Coronavirus symptoms, causes, signs and the treatment plan is under a cloak of “vagueness”. It is hard for you to distinguish from a common cold to the infection. With so much technological advancement and AI world, we are still in competition with the coronavirus. 

So here is your Ayurvedic game plan to fight this coronavirus infection.

Reverse is the new forward 

There is so much advancement in the pharmaceutical industry, but yet to launch an antidote it takes months. You cannot fold your hands till then. It is time we rolled our sleeves and said let us kill this virus.

The 3 steps—hygiene, social distancing and removing toxins—that opposes coronavirus infection, is already an established protocol in Ayurveda. 

“Dinacharya” is a term coined in Ayurveda, representing the daily routines you follow. When you have a solid lifestyle, it acts as a shield barrier to your immune system. 

It is a 21-days lockdown, and no time is better than to build a lifestyle than now.

Hygiene Practices 

Washing hands, legs whenever you return to home from outside is an ancient form of practice and today hygiene is the most important to fight the coronavirus infection spread. 

Maintaining an oral hygiene to keep the toxins away from your mouth came from Ayurveda. The toothpastes today at industry claims they have “24” herbs in their paste are all offsprings of the Ayurveda oral hygiene practices. 

Ritucharya  – Social Hygiene is education to the people during earlier days where man is considered as a social animal responsible for the community health and public sanitation. 

Don’t ignore the immunity 

Isolation will never work if you have zero immunity. Coronavirus infection is recoverable. The infected cases have 96% mild cases and the rest 4% is severe. So if there is no cure at all for this disease, how did so many people recover from this deadliness? 

Your body has immunity to fight any foreign substance. The ability of fighting depends on the level of your immune system. Stronger the immune system, easier the fight with coronavirus infection. 

There are about 294,408  active cases across the globe, but they are all having mild symptoms and will recover in a few weeks.  This is called “immunity power”. 

Do you know over 109,144 people have recovered already?

The immunity determines if you have the power to fight the coronavirus infection.

It is sad to watch TV promotions where doctors are holding a board telling “immunity won’t help”. If your sanitizers will save you from coronavirus infection, let us all drink a few bottles of sanitizers daily. 

You are taking all precautions, hygiene measures and preventive protocols, but if your fellow person isn’t that much worried about these practices you will be infected.  

So immunity is a must.

How to build your immunity?

Focus on what you are sending inside your body. Because viruses don’t harm the external parts of your body. Humans have been ignorant that we cannot realise the core of the problem needs to be addressed. Most of us like to buy band-aids and just plaster them wherever required. 

Coronavirus infection affects the respiratory system. Most of the immunity disorders attack the respiratory systems only. The infection spreads faster because of poor immunity and fatality also determined based on the body’s natural power. 

Besides coronavirus infection, other respiratory illnesses like SARS and MERS also affect the respiratory system. This is where we have to look at the symptoms chart. 


SARS Symptoms 

1. Fever of 100.5 F (38 C) or higher

2. Dry cough

3. Shortness of breath

MERS Symptoms 

1. fever

2. cough

3. shortness of breath

Coronavirus Symptoms 

1. cough

2. fever

3. tiredness

4. difficulty breathing (severe cases)

All the three viral outbreaks that shook the world have common symptoms and yet we take immunity so lightly. Here is how to prevent these symptoms showing up on your body. 

Fight the Coronavirus Fever 

Fevers are one of the common symptoms of viral infections kabam – phlegm(congestion); suram – fever; kudineer – concoction. The increased in kabam should be normalized by giving diet and drugs which possess varatchi (dry) and veppam (heat) characteristics. 

‘Kabasura Kudineer’ will provide an effective remedy for a range of fevers, shivering, cough, nasal congestion, body pain, diarrhoea, irritation and watering in eyes.

‘Kabasura Kudineer’ is a preventive measure that controls spread of infectious fever, common cold and other forms of flu. This kudineer has been suggested by the Siddha practitioners at

2015 while the rapid spread of swine flu was happening in 2015.


Guduchi is a herb that can heal your fever and improve immunity. Ask for “Seendhil Kodi” in herbal medicine stores and crush them into powder. Prepare Kashayam using this powder and drink them. If you add 3 parts of water, boil till the thickness reduces to 1 part.


Dry cough remedies for coronavirus infection 

Dry cough results from a heavy throat infection. When you soothe your throat it prevents the rough coughs. 

Lemon Honey Tea – Squeeze half a lemon in boiling water and add honey to taste. Drink this tea every morning in an empty stomach after brushing. It kills the sore throat and removes the infection from the passageway. To see more effective results,drink after salt-water gargling. Lemon is one way to increase Vitamin -C in your body.

Tulsi Ginger Tea – Boil tulsi, ginger and some peppercorns in water for about 10-15 mins. Filter the tea and pour into a flask. Sip this tea in between regularly throughout the day. You can add honey or palm sugar for taste. It eases your headaches, sore throats and stops the dry cough caused by the respiratory infections

Haridra, the golden spice, commonly known as Turmeric. Add this spice in your daily meal. Drink warm turmeric-pepper milk at night to avoid catching cold and sore throat. 


When you send the right things inside, the less you can worry about the external force acting upon you. We welcome all these hygiene practices and social distancing, but without having a protective barrier, these practices are just a mere toy. 

Immunity is a weapon to fight the coronavirus infection. Each decade or year, we will get a disease, and you cannot leave the fate of your life into the hands of an antiviral drug. 

You have an advantage to consume healthy food, follow a good lifestyle, and also help a fellow human being to live the same. Time to think upon an act. 

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