Are Pandemic Disease, Survival of the Fittest?

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Survival of the fittest.
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“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”

Law of evolution says adaptability is the key for survival, and the ironic thing about adaptability is, it is directly proportional to once immune system and mental strength. 

There is no single thing to lose but  everything to gain!

These pandemics diseases and crises are not a new scene to mother earth and her children. Humans are already susceptible to, a high rate of mutation, many undetermined viral strains, and person to person (contagious) transmission. 

And here are few pandemic illness trolls from decades back,  

1.Cholera, the first outbreak in 1817 -1824 was named as Asiatic cholera has taken away hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. This was the first cholera pandemic ailment to sweep through Asia and European countries. 

2.The same has happened with different types of malaria outbreaks from the 19th-20th centuries, it holds 2 to 5% of all deaths in the 20th century. 40% of the world’s population still lives in areas where malaria is transmitted.

3.Then came the Nipah virus, first discovered in 1998 in Malaysia. The characteristics of it which increased the risk of the global pandemic. 

The chain of various outbreaks continues with Ebola, chikungunya, SARs, MERs, Flu pandemic diseases, HIV,  etc…and the fight against these diseases & pandemics is also a continuous process.

How do you handle pandemic disease ?

Flatten the curve. It is a Math not prophecy. 

What does it mean to flatten a curve?

The government or the WHO or whoever is taking charge for these health pandemics need to find (suspect) the mode of spread. 

Example : You have one rotten apple in a basket of apples. You immediately take away that rotten apple, because it is gonna spoil the entire basket otherwise. Also, the next step you will do is, wash the rest of the apples and keep an eye if anything is getting infected because of that previous rotten apple. 

You are trying to stop the influence of rotten apples over others. 

This is known as Flatten the curve. 

In Covid19, the solution key is social distancing which means limiting movements, migration, travel, transportation and everything needs to be static.  The curfew, lockdown and all the 144 rules passed by the State and Central governments across the world is to prevent the community spread and transmission. 

Few countries have created forced quarantine such as the one the Chinese government has imposed on Hubei Province.

When movement of people is nil, the virus can’t spread or survive. Yet we humans can’t make decisions at times like this using the 6th sense and want to rely on the 7th sense– the AI healthcare system. 

What are we going to learn from Covid19? 

Are we going to make the same mistakes as we have done in the previous outbreak?  

Is a flattening curve enough to fight against virulence?

It would have been good if just flatten the curve paved the path to killing this virus. But so many curves are flattened, yet victims of this viral attack are not stopping. 

Why ?

Same, the apple story, you have taken out the rotten apple, but it was in contact with the fresh ones for a long time unnoticed. If you don’t take (preventive) steps to protect the fresh ones, they are going to be dead soon too. 

This is like blindfolded car driving–Ignorance. 

Imagine in a country’s border if the army force is ready and the weapons are ready but soldiers are neither trained to handle the weapons nor trained to fight, what will be the result definitely the country will be invaded or mutated (virulent term) and we are in the same scene now, we are highly educated about our health, diet, environment, lifestyle but none of us know what is our plugins to perform efficiently. We don’t know what should be included and what should be excluded both in body and mind. 

You need to explore this by being more introverted or self-centered towards yourself. 

Are we still going to be behind those clinical trial studies which have many limitations and work on “one size fits all” which is not scientific? 

On the other hand our Native medicine, Ayurveda has a totally different approach that every individual is different and there should be different medicine for different people i.e. one size doesn’t fit all.

Rationality & Personalization — Native Medicine Ayurveda 

In health protocols, you need to be more self-centered or introverted. 

As you will see, there is an ingenious form in the Ayurvedic approach to fortify the immune system. It is simple, innate and it reminds us just how amazing the body’s self-regulatory systems are. To start with let us focus on how Ayurveda views immunity and the immune system.

What does Ayurveda say about Immunity?

According to Ayurveda, strong immunity is a legacy of good digestion, sturdy metabolic fire, optimal liver functioning and well-stabilized endocrine with appropriate hormonal secretion. 

Immunity is also connected with a puzzle substance named “Ojas”, which means vigor. 

It is an extremely subtle and elusive substance – and difficult to identify and define. This subtle substance has everything to do with immunity according to Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda says the strength of one’s ojas determines the cause of disease in an individual through various factors and influences internal or external.

Learning about Ayurvedic approach to immunity and the basic understandings about ojas is the need of the hour in this COVID season.

What is Ojas?

Ojas is an ultrafine essence of bodily tissues and the end product of perfect digestion. A constructive essence found in the body – gives strength, zeal, vitality, and immunity.

Ojas is the direct reflection of the quality of Agni(fire). If you don’t have a strong and proper fire you cannot get well-cooked food, it’s as simple as that. 

Strong Agni provides healthy ojas, while weakened Agni hampers the production and quality of ojas.

Do you know our ojas is also affected by lifestyle choice, diet, stress levels and quality of our relationships and also the state of consciousness (sama) ?

Healthy ojas promotes the state of bliss. Ojas is actively protected when we are living in the present moment with pure awareness.

Ojas diminishes when we are effortful, stressed and selfish. Ojas do protect our prana. 

When do you need to protect the ojas?

There are timings when we are exposed to the possibility of being attacked either physically or mentally, hence protecting ojas is important.

1.You can protect ojas by, 

2.Significant changes to your routine 

3.Seasonal changes.

4.Cold and seasonal flu.

5.Episodes of stress.

6.Major life transitions.

How do we protect our Ojas?

Ojas! It is our protective health shield. 

When it comes to improving your immunity or bolster your ojas, through diet, garlic and ginger play a major role as a useful ingredient. 

It provides a natural immune system to your body by improving your Agni, removing the natural toxins, ensuring an optimal level of body temperature, improves the functioning of lungs and removes the excessively accumulated Kapha (one of the three energies) in your body.

Adopting a few Ayurvedic therapies such as Pranayama, different asanas and meditation can help in supporting the quality of your ojas, thereby improving your immunity. These practices come with mixed benefits that aid in cultivating the presence, clearing up the channels in the body that relieves stress and digest toxins.

There are certain herbs that are known to support your immune system and encourage the proper function of the immune system. 

Herbs like, guduchi, tulsi, nilavembu, ashwagandha ensure a balanced immune system, rendering an optimal health.


Conscious eating practices and healthy digestion aids ojas Ayurveda offers these simple steps yet powerful tips for letting your inner radiance shine through and bolstering your inner energy reserves.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert and get answers to your question!

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