How to date your partner based on their Prakriti?

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It is interesting to notice that Ayurveda not only solves the lifestyle problems but also life problems too. Your partner's moods and intentions are easily predictable based on their Prakriti
relationship advice for couples and dating tips
4 minute read

Did your crush like you back?

Are the butterflies flying already? 

Sweetheart, this is where your dating phase begins.

Sadly, many don’t make it forever because of a lack of understanding.

If you gain access to your partner’s mental and emotional tendencies, you can avoid misunderstandings and balance the emotional energy between you guys. 

Wondering how to find them?

Through prakriti & dosha

This blog post is of best relationship advice and dating tips for a successful relationship using the insights of Ayurveda – Prakriti & Dosha

How Prakriti & Dosha help?

Prakriti says a lot about character, intentions, and the dating style. You can develop compatibility by understanding your partner’s way of love, communication style. This insightful conception builds stable emotional energy without bursts. Before reading further take a Prakriti & dosha quiz to find your personality types.

Vata Prakriti Dating Tips

Your partner spoils you with unconditional love. Vata never knows boundaries or borders. They will jump with you into anything you ask for. Frequent texts, calls, and meet-ups are their classics. On the downside, in a doshic state, your partner goes cold suddenly. Indulge them into nature connecting activities to lower their erratic air and ether. Vata – we time partners 

Pitta Prakriti Dating Tips

The fiery pitta is always irresistible. When your Pitta rolls its big brown eyes, you can feel your soul melting inside. Pitta Prakriti loves to stay in control of the relationship. Sometimes you can see that everything is about them in your relationship. You can feel their intense emotions for you in every effort they take to show love. Yet, all this warm love becomes too hot to handle when the Pitta elevates inside them. Your Pitta partner will need a lot of my time and personal space to keep things balanced between you guys.

Kapha Prakriti Dating Tips

Kind Kapha are the ideal types that everybody wishes for. A Kapha wife is a perfect homemaker for a prosperous living. Your Kapha partner will gladly include you in their daily routines when they are head over heels for you. They display old-fashioned gentleman gestures like opening doors, holding hands, and kissing on the forehead. But their doshic side lacks the stimulating interest in you.  Have solid patience with your Kind Kaphas to work things because they are slow like a sloth.

Vata & Kapha Prakriti Dating Tips

A very unique combination like Phoebe’s character from the FRIENDS sitcom series. Your partner will have full energy one day and no energy the next day. Their contradicting personality makes them a player on the outlook.   Since, Vata and Kapha, both are loving by nature, your partner is lovey-dovey for 24 hours a day. You can never control or change a Vata & Kapha, so try influencing rather than changing them. Give them the trust to open up their vulnerability to you.

Kapha & Pitta Prakriti Dating Tips

It is like dating Chandler Bing or Kamal Haasan. Freedom is the middle name and sarcasm is the surname. They long for a partner who is organized, well-kempt, and sticks to a regular routine. Their approach to relationships is also very practical & rational. They make their partners feel safe around them. Try to have an open-mind conversation with your partner if you feel they are goofing around you.

Pitta & Vata Prakriti Dating Tips

If your partner is a combination of Pitta and Vata, then you have no problem keeping the spark alive. Pitta and Vata are ruled by highly combustible energy elements (fire, water, air, and ether) that make them passionate, enthusiastic, visionaries, and loyal. Your bae will never take things to the next step unless they develop a meaningful relationship with you. Ground your steamy partner behaviors by encouraging them to build a fixed routine and quality solitude. It is in their nature to develop codependency if they go to a doshic state.

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