Kinds Of New Year Celebration That Reveal Your Prakriti

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Out of so many festivals, don’t you think New Year is something best out of those?
Kinds Of New Year Celebrations That Reveal Your Prakriti
3 minute read

Hey man! Finally, New Year is here. So what about the New Year celebrations?

We’re already at the end of 2022, waiting to kickstart all our new year’s resolutions. But before the wave of tasks and responsibilities hits, we simply HAVE to celebrate the end of 2022 and welcome 2023!

The question is, HOW? How are you planning to celebrate your fresh start?

If you’re running out of ideas, feel free to scroll further to borrow some!  Suppose you’re already familiar with them, then you’re sure to uncover a secret about yourself! The secret revealing your own prakriti! 

New Year’s Eve Parties – Active Mode of Celebration – Vata Dosha

You will always come across these people who would like to see each new year blooming grandly. Brightness fills their eyes with lots of happiness and thrill. They tend to celebrate new year’s eve with bright and colorful parties crowded with friends or families. 

“The more, the merrier”

This phrase suits them the most.

Vata type New Year celebration

Loud music, goofy dances, countless buddies, happy kisses, tasty food, open champagne, a large crowd, bright lights, and disco balls draw a colorful sight for visual happiness. Hitting the dance floor with heavy music and enjoying without inhibitions are the typical Vata type celebrations. You can see them in their most excited state during such times. Jumping from one activity to another, being interested in music with heavy beats, and partying with a group of people rather than alone are all the preferences of a Vata personality. They look as if they are the happiest person in the world. 

Firework Celebration on New Year’s Eve – Organized & Systematic Mode of Celebration – Pitta Dosha

They are practical thinkers and prefer spending time with families and loved ones. Pitta people are multitaskers. They plan special events and host them meticulously and diligently for their family and friends. Usually, they avoid crowded places and would consider a calm and aesthetic place to spend their new year’s eve. 

Pitta type New Year celebrations

They also prefer picnic spots with fewer crowds where there is a space for sharing sweet talks and staying connected with nature.  

A Homely Celebration – Modest Mode of Celebration – Kapha Dosha

Too lazy to move out in a large crowd and shout Happy New Year. They love to see celebrations happening in a big and grand way but always remain quite distant even at huge parties. 

Watching the fireworks on television and wishing Happy New Year to each other in families denote a typical Kapha personality. A cozy night in, dinner with close family snuggled in front of Netflix is the Kapha kind of new year.

Kapha type New Year celebration

Sometimes, these people welcome the new year just by standing by the riverside or over the bridge watching night fireworks and whispering “Happy New Year” by shaking hands with a small smile. Sometimes you don’t even get to see that smile on their face. 

Of the above kinds, the one that is most relatable connects you with your prakriti and dosha. 

Even the celebrating behavior works according to your prakriti. Then think about how prakriti gets involved in the big decisions that you make in your life. Everybody has all three doshas within them. But the predominant one shown is observed from the qualities exhibited by the body and mind. So you act according to the dosha levels of your body. Hence it’s necessary to keep your doshas balanced to lead a happy and healthy life. 

What else could your prakriti impact; click here to know further!

Happy New Year - 2023

Anyway, the celebration itself is to have fun and joy. So let this New Year bring lots of fun and enjoyment to your life.


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