What you need to know if you’re suffering from lower backaches?

2 minute read
What you need to know if you’re suffering from lower backaches?
2 minute read

Lower Back Ache – neither you nor I can escape from it. Regardless of age, lower backaches affect anybody between the ages of 20 to 60.

முதுகு வலிக்கான காரணங்களும் அறிகுறிகளும் | low back pain in tamil Part 1| Dr.K. Gayathri | LiveRight

What is a Lower Backache?

A pain that is felt in the lumbosacral region of the backbone is termed as lower backache.

The human backbone is so long, but why does the lower part suffer the most? It is due to the anatomy of the backbone. The curves in the spine help us balance our weight by absorbing and neutralizing vibrations to maintain a proper structure. When the spine is made to carry more weight than it should, the lower back carries the impact. This is the reason why lower backache is so common regardless of age. 

Lower Backache can be of two types – acute and chronic.

What is a Lower Backache?

Acute Lower Backache

Examples of some causes that trigger acute lower backaches;

  1. Performing vigorous exercises without any warm-up.
  2. Carry out weight-lifting exercises without any practice.
  3. Improper sitting or sleeping postures
  4. Traveling on a bumpy road.
  5. Long distance traveling without a break.
  6. Injury to the lower back.

Even a muscle cramp during strength training can stimulate acute lower backache. This type of backache recovers within 4 to 6 weeks.

Acute Lower Backache

Chronic Lower backache

In the case of chronic pain, the patient suffers mild or light aches that might last for more than three months. The symptoms of chronic lower back aches differ from person to person.

Examples of some symptoms shown by chronic lower backache;

  1. Backache while doing work, especially while bending or standing, is relieved by rest. 
  2. Backache while standing up after sitting for some time.
  3. Backache only when the body is at rest; no sense of pain while doing work.
  4. Lower back aches also occur due to muscle cramps.
  5. Prolonged lower back aches can even restrict a patient’s walking ability. Such patients naturally bend forward while walking because this posture makes them feel light and less painful.
  6. Pain in the thigh, leg, and foot region is the impact of lower back aches.
  7. Severe lower back aches might even cause issues in urination and excretion. Immediately consult a doctor in case of such symptoms.
Chronic Lower Backache

Lower Back Aches is not a serious problem, but it becomes severe by improper diet or lifestyle methods. What are the other reasons for lower back aches? Is there a cure or remedy for lower back aches in Ayurveda?

Keep reading until we uncover our next blog with the answers to the above questions.

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