Should we consult an Ayurvedic doctor online?

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< 1 minute read

Ayurveda is a science that uses darshana(seeing), sparshana (touching) and prashna (asking) as methods to check patients. Modern diagnostic methods and lab tests can reduce the necessity of direct consultation but still cannot replace it.

Online consultation can be handy in many cases, but always make sure you are consulting with an expert

a. You don’t know about the treatments available in Ayurveda, You would like to know how it works.1

b. You are already taking allopathic medicines for your disease, looking for a safer alternative or a medicine as supplement

c. Chronic diseases where you need dietary and lifestyle modifications, along with supporting medicines.

Liveright is a firm dedicated to sharing the knowledge of Ayurveda to people, we offer

1. Online consultations (free), can know about Ayurveda

2. Direct patients to verified clinics if physical consultation is necessary

3. Facility to buy medicines online.

You can follow our FB page LiveRight and get cleared about any doubts you have about Ayurveda and its treatment.

We welcome you to explore Ayurveda!!

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